How the World Works

Finally it encoded grrr!

Alright, this is a really, really informative video! It is a bit lengthy but trust me as soon as Hans Rosling starts speaking, you wouldn’t want to stop!

His ideas are just brilliant, and they way they’re presented. Of course, the ideas are as brilliant as the post by Hani Obaid (Unnatural Selection which you should read prior to watching this) which inspired me to post this video!

The Clocktower

This is a beautiful piece of art, an expressive animation from a talented Cara Antonelli from deviantART. Watch the short animation, then check out her deviantART page as well as these two complementary pieces of art as well (here and here).

Note that dA usually changes the direct links every once in a while so if they don’t work just visit her page and find them there :)

Enjoy the video!

Story of Stuff

Many people I know are TV junkies – and although I never considered myself a TV junkie, I do like to watch little clips from the web thanks to YouTube and Miro.

I came across this video and I really liked it because it is quite unlike most of the stuff you see out there. This is an eye opener on how “stuff” comes about and goes. The presentation is simple and innovative which makes it fun to watch.

It is 21 minutes long but I seriously urge you to watch it.

Oh and by the way, the next edition of Moogle Thoughts will be a special edition so don’t miss it!