You know something? You are always getting bullshitted from work, from friends, from family. Your parents never approve of what you are doing or what you have become. Your boss thinks he is Mr. Wise Ass when he’s nothing but a plank of wood. Your friends sharpen their pitchforks to impale you with it when you turn your back. Life just doesn’t use a condom anymore.

Then when you try to seek solace on Friday prayers (or Sunday mass if you’re Christian), the priest/sheikh instead of giving you hope and a purpose in life, they bash at you at how worthless you are, insignificant and so horribly wrong that literally not even God can save you anymore as you are so beyond repair.

I mean seriously, what’s wrong with priests and sheikhs these days? Masses are supposed to give people hope and purpose and solve their common problems, and educate them more about life and their religion. Now every mass is simply an audio tape of how a low life you have become and how God has just abandoned you and your pathetic life and useless existence.

And then they expect us not to go blow ourselves up or murder or fuck or do drugs.

Get a life people, seriously, and revise how you give your masses. You’re making people run away from God.