Total Oblivion

As a lot of you know, the infinitely stupid Etisalat has blocked deviantART and myself, along with a million other UAE members, are upset at the stupidity the ISP has reached. While it is completely accessible from work (since it is free zone area), not being able to browse from home renders the weekend useless :P

Anyway that stupidity aside, now that I finally got a new desktop I got to install the wonderful game of Oblivion. It is probably has the best graphics for a PC game to date (although this is about to change now that the next-gen graphics cards and games are out), and a mere look at the screenshot below would speak for itself. Try to imagine this world in motion, with rain and snow and hail even! Good grief. It plays realistically as well – you can’t pick up just any item you see or it will be considered theft. You WILL be jailed and pay a fine, and if you resist you gotta fight the guards and stuff. It is unbelievable and big since the whole thing is just open to you to explore from the get-go.

Those aside, my visa is finally out, so I would probably be trying to get my hands on this

Pray for me :D

Things About to Change

Well first of all, for some reason I got fed up with capitalizing the first letter of every word in the title of journals here or on dA. I dunno why I just keep capitalizing them.Anyway, after a recent survey done by my cousin KI, I got some feedback about some things in life that need improvement (my survey to him is still pending :P). So the first and easiest thing (supposedly) to implement is spending the majority of the weekends outside the house and not in, as usual. Although UAEans would sympathize with me, KI does have a point, with all the wasted time (4-6 hours a day) driving a total of 130 kilometers per day, I might as well spend the other portion of the time doing something useful.

So basically I have divided the days of the week. On SUN, TUES, THUR I will spend them on videogames. I will also allocate 1 hour before sleep to reading, since reading does tend to get me sleepy it is a perfect way to spend the last hour of the day.

Now I do not want to fall into a routine, so I will be shuffling and mixing up activities. Since eventually I end up having at least 3 hours by the time I get back home till I start losing all energy, I can do whatever to fill in those 3 hours. I can perhaps even make a very nice gourmet complete with entre and dessert, so that I can enjoy quality time at home and not convert into the hotel it already is.

In other news, my laptop is finally drawing its final breaths. I realized that the total number of days it was OFF in the past 4 years was around 30-40, which means that the laptop literally was under a survival test. I am getting a new desktop, soon, and I am already fishing for good prices.

New is good, not always, but usually is, and I am looking forward to a better life-management.