KJ Made Fun of on Air… AGAIN!

Every day whilst stuck in the morning traffic I listen to my favorite radio show (Neal & Vicky in the Morning) and participate in lots of contests.
If not participating I bombard them with SMSes with Moogle jokes and they crack up with honorable mentions of Moogle on air (yes Dubai knows of Moogle LOL!)

While usually I am the person making fun of them, today tables turned against me (again) and I was made fun of on air! OMG! LOOL!

This time it was mild, I will post the other one later…

So today I called for this contest called Cash Builder… where basically you guess a 5 digit number and if you got it right you win the cash. For the past couple of weeks I was having good luck getting through the lines, and the previous time the contest ran I started with the first number with 77777 and said this time it will be lucky – and lo and behold, 18 days later when the number was finally guessed the cash reached 733 dollars (2700 AED) – the HIGHEST ever reached!

And Moogle started it! WOOHOO!

So today I called and he said: “It’s Kinan right? How can someone miss your soothing voice?”


OK I KNOW that I sound like a smoking goat thanks to the Tom/Bob Incident, bas don’t rub it in my face :'(


I know his weak point though – he’s on a strict diet and he is forbidden to eat anything sweet.

So I will be sending him a chocolate mousse cake this week. mihmhimihmih