Moogle Thoughts Issue #7 – On Qwaider’s Wedding

Them fiends!

I swear I will just curl up into a fluff ball and sell myself as a fluffy keychain so that Mr Qwaider purchases me as a cute little thing for Mrs Qwaider and I just fart in their car!


So here I speak on behalf of all the kupolings (ie bloggers) who do not have the required Kupo Nuts to do this :D

Yes yes I am to imbecilize Mr and Mrs Qwaider.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I will be Mrs Qwaider for a minute cuz KJ told me I should always imbecilize women first.

Mrs Qwaider Posting as Mrs Qwaider Post #3992364

OMG OMG OMG we like went to this uber uber super duper cute cute omg picnic (ie we BBQed in our backyard) and Samer yo2bor 6ooly inshalla ilahi ma ye7remni minnak ya ro7 el 3dam elli maskeh albi ya albi albi inte ya nafas ro7i elli ma kan 3ayesh mn doonak elahi ya 7a2 lk inshalla sadljfblakshfdbp24qi24897edgfpiyagfu sdfij hsdafpioushed 2397d yc (ie people stopped reading and skipped to comments to see what this is about)


SomePerson says:
Lek inshalla alf mabrook ya rub (ie ok this is like the 3992364th time I tell you mabrook um it is hard to be the first commenter!)

SomeOtherPerson says:
Awww BBQ how sweeeeeeeeeet! (ie I used MS Word to summarize the content)

YetAnotherPerson says:
Hey sa7teeeeeeeeeeeeeein I make BBQ sauce like this (with recipe)

SomePerson says:
Lek 3eib ya Samer help her out with BBQ (now that I read SomeOtherPerson’s comment and knew what this is about)

Qwaider says:
7abeebet albi lek inshalla Allah ma y7remni mennek ya 7a2 w ya reit [copy paste half of Mai’s post here]

KJ says:
Samer strap on a pair and BBQ for once. Mai, next time he doesn’t BBQ throw his Xbox out (note this is like the 3992364th time I say it)

Maher says:
LOOOOOOOOOL! (um, oh hai!)

[the end]

Ah yes love at its finest :D

But fret not, fiendlings! For Moogle is not done yet. Noe Noe – Samer is to be imbecilized NEXT! Right after these messages:

يمكنكم الآن متابعة مسلسل “ميوش” على
الرجاء الاتصال على

Samer Posting as Mr Qwaider Live From the Wedding (har har har! I has a marridg!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I will blog from my wedding! We are ADDICTED! (rather, you’re all stupid enough not to grasp the concept of SCHEDULED POSTS!!!!). HAHA! See how excited I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been training ALL MY LIFE for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By posting hundreds of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! marks in every sentence in every post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a matter-of-factly as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now since all of you are sorry singles, I will teach you how to perform your JAHA! Cuz am Qwiader and my way is TEH way! And you SHOULD have wedding crashers! Part of the EXPERIENCE! It was AWESOME! Oh and don’t forget my upcoming MOVIE PREVIEW (of course we watched movies during my wedding!): You’re All Jealous Especially You KJ (2008-ad-infinitum)

The Fellow Bloggers’ Roast

OK I am sorry I just couldn’t resist! Haha! But know that I love you all really!! So let’s start with me for an ice breaker!

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Tada! Now I can go attend the Fairuz concert with a clear conscience LOL!