Geekfest Dubai 5.0 & TEDxRamallah

Geekfest is a social networking event that takes place here in Dubai every couple of months, and has spread across the region to cover Cairo, Amman, Beirut and upcoming Damascus. There’s very little I could say to explain the event, really, as it is unorganized – an oxymoron right there for you – and is simply just a gathering of people with some talks, discussions, mingling, game corners and the art scene, all jumbled up together in the very homey package called The Shelter.

Though I’ve sent in my photos to showcase the last couple of events, this time things were a bit different as legendary Alexander McNabb (yes he paid me to write that) has given me a dedicated screen to showcase my work. I took that challenge to create 10 new photos for the event, which I will upload to my photo blog soon. In the meantime you can read more about the photography aspect here. <<< how’s that for linking the whole sentence? Let’s see you tell me “I didn’t know I have to click on the here

Anyhoo, one of the  highlights of the event was TEDxRamallah, dedicated to show inspiring stories of Palestine. For those not aware of TED Talks, they are basically conferences that are truly brilliant in nature that address almost anything you can think of, presented in a beautiful and intelligent way through speakers who know what they’re talking about. The best introduction to TED Talks is to go watch a conference yourself.

TEDxRamallah is an extraordinary effort that will defy odds by holding such a conference of the TED calibre in an occupied territory, the first of its kind. It’s being organized by Ramzi Jaber and the event will be taking place on the 9th of October of this year. If you know of speakers with inspiring stories residing within Palestine, please do not hesitate to contact them on their twitter account. You can also visit the homepage for more information. I personally would be on the lookout for this one as I am definite it will be an event unlike any other, one that would finally dissociate Palestine from destruction and show the brighter side of things, that of progress.

And now I will leave you with some photos from Geekfest!

Geekfest Dubai 5.0 - 07 Geekfest Dubai 5.0 - 06 Geekfest Dubai 5.0 - 05 Geekfest Dubai 5.0 - 04 Geekfest Dubai 5.0 - 03 Geekfest Dubai 5.0 - 02 Geekfest Dubai 5.0 - 01

The Artsy Fartsy World

Who would have reckoned that it’s quite enjoyable actually? For the past few months I have been visiting art galleries around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, getting inspired by the hundreds of brilliant pieces of artwork that I come across. Whether they’re photographs, paintings, sculptures, or some other odd form of art, there is always something interesting to see.

Of course, attending The Lost Fingers exclusive concert in Dubai (and they were an arm’s length away) was the highlight of the whole lot. There have been some off galleries here and there, some of them in ungodly places even, but at the end of the day it’s a good escape from an otherwise over industrious city.

I will be leaving you with some photos. And yeah Twitter is consuming a lot of my time, I will return slowly to blogging. Sorry about that!

Photo Blog Relaunched!

Yeesh! That was long!

Talk about horrible time management!

A year ago I launched my photoblog on blogger. It got some nice attention but now that I have moved to my own domain, it’s time for an upgrade. I finally finished fixing the photoblog to “acceptable and tolerable” levels (ie ready for human consumption). It still needs work but for now I can safetely launch it :D


(and compare it to the old blog if you wish)

I added a few new photos (that you have already seen anyway) but will be adding more. You can also find album collections if you wish (which will be updated frequently).

I am cooking a new project for the photo blog which I will launch soon (hopefully by 1st November)… but don’t worry I will announce the launch here too ;)

Will keep you posted!