Nifty title eh?

Now just in case you thought Moogle is the only stupid one, I present you with KJ’s definition of ridiculous. OK I understand they’re not that hilarious but thats what I remember now… I will be keeping a journal for nahfati.

The Dietitian

Dietitian: KJ you’re not gaining weight, I can’t believe this!
KJ: Well I gained a little weight!
Dietitian: You… you… [swivels screen] you eat the MOST in this center! 2400 calories!
KJ: Ok…
Dietitian: Shu OK?!
KJ: Actually I eat more than what you send me ^_~
Dietitian: [sits back] you know… you make me depressed, like I am not worth my diploma.
KJ: Nooo don’t say that! But you may want to increase the portions…
KJ: Okkkkkk……….

The Armani Exchange Store

KJ: I want this *points to underwear*
Salesman: Are you sure sir?
KJ: Um, yeah I am pretty sure.
Salesman: This size sir?
KJ: Why, what’s wrong?
Salesman: Nothing sir!
KJ: You think I don’t know my underwear size?
Salesman: No sir…
KJ: Here look *slips down jeans slightly, lifts underwear and unrolls tag* see?
Salesman: O_O
KJ: good!

Burger King

Woman: Hello sir welcome to Burger King would you like to try our new chocolate soufleh?
KJ: No.
Woma: Ok sir can I take your order?
KJ: Sure. I want two chicken royale meals please.
Woman: That’s all sir?
KJ: *thinks* and a Hershey’s please.
Woman: Why don’t you try the chocolate soufleh sir?
KJ: H-e-r-s-h-e-y-s please *the I-will-maim-you-smile*
Woman: Anything else sir?
KJ: *thinks*
Woman: Sir would you like to try our 6 pack burgers?
KJ: No I am eating alone.
Woman: O_O
Woman: !!!!
Woman: Sir, did you go to the American University of Sharjah?
KJ: huh? Yeah…
Woman: OMG! I knew it was you! You always order the same!