I was reading a news story today about a Finnish woman – in coma for five years – who finally headed back home to Finland, still in a coma.

While stories of people in coma on the news is not uncommon, what shocked me the most were the series of archived articles related to the main story.

I went through all of them to discover that this woman, who had a stroke while shopping in 2004, has been abandoned by her husband and her family, and has been taken care of at the hospital’s expense for five years.

First off kudos to the hospital for treating a patient like any hospital should.

Secondly, WTF?!

This married woman was abandoned by her husband and her family! Several Finnish people in the UAE have tried contacting the embassy but the woman was also abandoned by her government.


The news made it to Finland a couple of months ago where people shared more than what’s on their mind. The woman was finally taken back to her country where she was (while in coma) reunited with her (obviously) not too happy husband.

How could someone just abandon their wife, mother, daughter, heck… citizen!

In related coma news, a mother whose daughter is in a coma is asking the government to help sponsor a care taker for her (as she cannot afford it), and the government is refusing – even though Gulf News readers donated enough money to afford a care taker.