Car Dealers: Assholes with a License

It is funny how life works (funny to the point of sadness). Case in point: Yesterday it just dawned on me that my 2007 Pajero oddly looks like the 2006 Pajero, although it drives differently. I should have known that a 3.8 and a 3.0 are two different engines to begin with.

Anyway, I dug in some images from the net for the 2007 model, and, to my surprise, it looks different. I thought to myself that maybe this was the European model (it DID say Paris) and anyone who saw the European and Asian Altima will know what I am talking about.

Just out of curiosity I called up my friend and gave him the number of the car dealer I dealth with for my car. I know that I asked the guy for the availability of the 2007 models and he said it is available, and all the paperwork was done on the 2007 Pajero.

So I had the 2007 Pajero right? I mean even the car owner license (the milkiyyah if you’re Arabic and didn’t get what I am saying) had 2007 on it.

So my friend calls up the dealer and tells him “listen, the cars in your showroom are different than the ones I saw on the net. So are those the Asian 2007 models or do you still have the 2006 models?”

“These are the 2006 models. The 2007 models are coming next month”

So yes, I have been fooled – it turned out that the 2007 on the paperwork and the car is that the car was manufactured in 2007 but it isn’t the 2007 model. I have the 2006 model. Only made in 2007.

Car dealer job description: Be an asshole. Just sell the fucking car.