Ramadan Mubarak Everyone!


What? Huh? When? Why?

Relax, I know it is in a month lol! But since ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL of you would be posting the same, people are gonna say ‘another Ramadan post!’ and copy paste comments. Qwaider of course will complain about the iftar timings in the West, especially now that it is summer and the sun in higher latitudes probably never goes down, and propose a Micro$oft $ilverlight $pon$ored $olution (thats a lot of $pon$or$ship). I think I will block my atheist cousin off MSN for a month LOL! He keeps trying to convert me. That infidel.

In any case, you can learn about Ramadan over many places, but moryarti summarizes eloquently here (and on a humourous note, here). If you wanna start learning how to cook, no better than abufares‘ wonderful, but obtusely detailed recipes. You can have a preview of some of the meals here.

Nice surprise eh? My supreme sense of intelligence with Forecast feature based on historical data (where is the effing TM symbol on iPhone?) told me I should post it a month earlier and shock you out of bed.

So, opposite-of-belated Ramadan Mubarak!