My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is next Saturday (September 13th), and to give you an example of how expensive it is to be my friend, here is my wishlist, Mont Blanc pens aside… (titles are links for the colorblind)

UPDATE: the Nokia E66 has been removed from my wishlist! My sincerest apologies to Lord Sony Ericsson… it was a moment of weakness… I repent now!

Logitech diNovo Edge

It is a geek musthave and I demand I get my share of silent keyboard strokes – so that I don’t disturb my constantly hibernating sister while I blog

Canon 40D

While of course I have the wonderful Canon 400D, the 40D is the next step up the camera ladder. After mastering shots with a 2 MP camera and a 3.2 MP camera (see below), I moved up to the DSLR universe and now I cannot get enough of it!

shot with 2MP

shot with 3.2MP

shot with Canon 400D

Canon Speedlite 430EX

It is cheaper than the heavy duty 580EX and half as expensive. Any person who is into serious photography should have an external flash!

ATI Radeon HD 4870 (or the 3000 series)

I cannot be called a hard core gamer anymore if I don’t have the latest technology to play my games! I demand an upgrade now!

Sony Ericsson X1

Now of course so I don’t sound like a traitor, I have been having my eye on the SE X1 (yes that spells SEX). It is quite a SEXy1 (har har) and the only thing keeping me from getting it is that it isn’t out in the Middle East yet!

A Life

They’re not in grocery stores but I would appreciate it if people would help me get a life! After discovering the blog Dubai Daily Photos I knew I have to get out more often!


This is the ultimate gift. I have been craving this since grandma last made it last year. It has to be made with samneh balady and someone who has a great nafas in making food… so far all the fattahs I ate here are average-joes and I think that Qabbani promised me a dish when we meet up next.