At the End of the Maze

I recently discovered that my VGA card on the PC has the ability to produce another desktop on another screen, namely the TV. So I bought some cables (stupid thing cost me 30 DHS) and plugged them in… and viola! I got myself a nice movie theater. Bye bye stupid DVD player which can’t render all movies correctly.To honor my victory over the DVD player, I watched Pan’s Labyrinth, and I gotta say that this is one damn good movie.

The story speaks of a little girl and her mother moving in with the stepfather, who is a strict general and is currently trying to hold off a group of rogues. The girl sees a fairy, and, as you would expect, everything goes crazy. I don’t wanna spoil the beautifully creative movie (and I mean creative), but it brings up a number of interesting points, specifically, how a person deals with the surroundings by going to a place beyond the normal, mentally (a place I call LaLa Land).

When a person undergoes severe stress, and can’t resolve it, they try to escape it. You may call them schizos, but the movie doesn’t speak of schizos per se (although there is one scene where you get the impression otherwise) but rather of the concept of a “better place” than the one you are in.

Strangely, this “better place” also has its downfall, its demons and whatnot, and it is up to you to decide if you want to stay in LaLa Land or in reality.

I love the movie. Get it.