Public Toilet Etiquette

Alright, it seems that a lot of people are not well-versed when it comes to public toilet etiquette. So here is a list of what you should be doing on your bowel endeavours.

By the standards of most mortals this list should make sense.

If the door says OCCUPIED then no need to TRY TO FORCE IT OPEN. Do I have to moan and make noises to indicate it is occupied?! Or should I stick my feet out from under the door and wiggle them?!

And once you DO find an empty stall then for the love of God PLEASE CLOSE THE DOOR! I am absolutely NOT interested in seeing you do your thing! I AM SERIOUS why God WHY do you pick ME to witness such scenes (/_\)

Please pee INSIDE the damn thing. If you love to draw graffiti on the seat itself then do everyone a favor and wipe it after you’re done.

Try not to pee on the floor as well (ugh!).

It will be great too if you can also crap INSIDE the toilet (yes imagine what I have to go through!). I am sure your fecal graffiti is more elaborate but not one person but yourself is interested in seeing it.

FLUSH you imbecile t(>.<) [that's me raising the finger] grrr ! If you put a lot of effort in drawing/shitting pieces of art and not wipe you could at LEAST be courteous enough to flush! It only requires little effort on the part of the hand that is doing it. WASH YOUR HANDS YOU FILTHY BASTARDS!!! Imagine if someone has done all that and shakes hands with YOU or handles YOUR BABIES or serves your foooooood omg I have seen this in a restaurant!!! I mean, SERIOUSLY some things require very little common sense! And then you ask me why I soil myself at this age \(O.0)/