Oddball of a World vol.10 – On Sex Dolls, Fruit Helmets, Geek Flirts, Videogames & Rubber

Breaking a bit from the tragic news on TV, let’s check out some of the odd things that have been happening around the world! Titles are links.

The Sex Doll Incident

It is exactly like it sounds like. This poor sexually frustrated chap has been breaking into sex toy stores, stealing blow up sex dolls, inflating them in the alley, doing his business and leaving them there. That must be one hot and expensive doll.

Using the Whole Fruit

This reminded me of my university, (and sometimes my office) when they enforce a rule and do everything in their power for you to NOT follow it. It’s a nice way to make quick money. So in Nigeria is a new rule that dictates people to wear helmets when cycling, biking etc. The catch is that they’re too expensive for the population. So the people sported novelty helmets made out of fruit shells and pots. And they get fined for wearing such helmets.

Gleirt 101

I coined this term. Brilliant isn’t it? Geeks can now attend flirting courses where they are taught how to approach the elusive gender and woo them. You’d think that these geeks would have already found pick up lines websites by now.

Videogames to Recruit

Now this is just insulting to us gamers! Desperate for manpower, the US military (talk about such a publicity stunt) is now seducing the average plumber to join the army by having them play war-based videogames and simulated assaults. Such a shame, really. If you ever mention that Hamas is doing this for training the whole world would be up in flames denouncing such an atrocity.

Grandma Not Rubbery Enough

Not everyone likes everyone else in the family, but to decide to steal your grandmother’s money is something else. I mean, it’s a grandma. Granpas I understand :P but grandmas are a big no-no. This dope had his girlfriend disguise herself in latex and attempt to withdraw from the bank a huge amount of money (that’s one rich grandma). Too bad the bank worker was intelligent and called up the actual grandma to learn she was visiting someone else.