The Colored Tile Complex

When I was a kid I had what I call the Colored Tile Complex. I am sure most kids have it, but not in the way I did.
Here’s why.

When my parents went to the mall and took me along, it just happens that every mall we went to had different colored tiles. Now, like most normal children, I would love to step on the colored tiles and avoid the disgusting, bland, stupid, unnecessary white ones.

In fact I would probably avoid getting into a store if there are no colored tiles leading into it LoL.

At any rate, I took this jumping a bit further. You see… although I am not diagnosed with OCD, I do have lots of OCD moments. I have some of it to this day but more controlled.

So I used to step on the colored tiles… and count. Yes! I would count how many of each colored tile did I step on using each leg. The main issue here is that I have to, eventually, step on an equal amount of the colored tiles using both my legs. In other word, if I stepped on 20 blues using the right, I have to using the left. Stepping on white would cause untold catastrophes.

So the other day… something happened. Something unimaginable. Something that would scar all children for life.

I finished the path… and the count was not even.




The drama!

How appalling! How blasphemous! What a pickle I was in! What am I to do now… how to live with myself! My brain just could not recover from the shock that I ended up with tiles that are more stepped on using one foot more than the other! And I could not go further forward because they were all either disgusting white or a different color pattern!!! And I could not go back because.. well… I am not supposed to!

I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I remember it was quite a scene…

Fast forward years later… and I still have minor issues… but I don’t throw fits. Sometimes I would be found fumbling to decide whether or not to get off the pavement using the left or right foot. Cuz… you know… it has to be even.