Bottled Water, or Tap?

I remember in 97 when I was in NYC, often I was asked if I would like to have tap water or bottled water. Even when watching shows, I see people filling in water from the tap, and often wondered why the hell would someone do that.

Then again when I was in Saudi I knew exactly where our water came from – we used to fill an underground well in our villa and I knew exactly how that well looked like from the inside. Though we had it cleaned and painted and sterilized, it remained a well and the trees and plants in the garden always found their way to penetrate through.

So for me tap water was a no no.

In Syria, we have filters. Bottled water was only seen in restaurants to boost the bill. My friend who works for the Abu Dhabi Electric & Water Authority claims that the water here is safe to drink, the one being distributed anyway, and depending on the quality and cleanliness of the piping on a building by building case things may differ.

Now after seeing this video, I think I will buy filters for 90-something AED and save myself a shitload of money on bottled water. You can get the fact sheet in the more info pane on the video page. What I find interesting though is that if this is done by something we take for granted, such as water, then what about everything else?