Excuse me!

You must have noticed my absence.

If not, imbeciles!

I don’t need your pardon of course, but I’m quite swarmed with stuff at the moment and I have litte brain cells to spare – so I spend my brain cell leftovers reading “You Can Be Happy No Matter What” (as if I need someone to teach me psychology) concurrently with “Samarkand“.

And the other spare time I spend on weekends (given all my friends left town / got fired|laid off and left town / having exams / busy with their wives|girlfriends|fiances) is utilized by finishing up the stack of pending games. One of them is positively gory.

Not to mention am taking night classes three times a week 6:30 – 10:30.

And two weeks from now am going to Syria for another week to spend Eid with my family.

I cram my days a lot right?

Sooooooooooo as you can see I have little time to see if you passed your exams or have emptied your closets or had babies or killed said babies or are bitching about some browser privacy issues or contemplating the demise of the universe or having religious fevers or discussing Middle East prospects or debating Arabic music or feeling sad for the hungry and poor while Dubai has the extravagant opening to Atlantis hotel or posting the 20 year old email stating the differences between males and females or idolizing Michael Jackson or wondering what’s going on with Syrian blogs or or or.


The good news is that the next issue of Moogle Thoughts is 70% done (yes it’s that much effort, Hani) and it should be out before I leave to Syria (so I can read your comments of course). So stay tuned!

Or not…

But I know you will.

I mean.

It’s Moogle ^_^


Meeting the One & Only Qabbani

People change. You would be lying to yourself if you say you haven’t changed. Yes stem character is there, but don’t kid yourself: You’re different every day.

Then comes along an experience that changes you drastically, or inertly in a profound manner. A near death experience, a movie, a book, eating chocolate for the first time, soiling yourself at the age of 23, etc.

Then there are people who you meet and you just sit and do nothing but listen. You’d love to sit with them longer, pick their brains, know their lives, hear their experiences, and listen to what they have to say.

One of those times where you don’t talk like you are used to but instead just keep listening with an open mind and have several bulbus abraini lighting up in your head.

And sometimes the location helps too.

This is how it was when I met Monsieur Qabbani. Our first meeting was next to the cemetery. First thing in the morning.


So while the dead watched, him and I greeted and we walked away towards Qassa3 area, whose end is the beginning of old Damascus and is my favorite spot in the city. He had such a warm and inviting smile it was a simple matter of getting over with the formal first greeting to feel like I have known him for years even though I only got to know his blog recently.

We sat in a cafe called Steed upon my recommendation, but the service was terrible that morning despite us sitting next to the entrance (and something was wrong with the drinks I think). Next time we meet we’d stay in the cemetery and have some matteh LOL! Otherwise the scenery was perfect – great weather, lovely breeze, the cars, the women, the women, the women, and the smell of petrol.

What a romantic first date :D

So the conversations began. We talked about many things – starting from common grounds like work and blogging all the way up to how human beings think and the greater purpose in life.

His enthusiasm and positive attitude on life is rejuvenating and I was absolutely happy to finally meet someone who loves life (even if it is in a different way). The past few months have been horrible for me and I tried my best to keep my smile. His energy was contagious and it was just exactly what I needed.

And then the imbecile started looking at his watch O_o

And I wanted to shoot him (>0-0)>||+== -> ^(O__________O)””>

So I opened other topics for him to elaborate on LOL to prolong the experience! Sounds like a first date right?

But by that point I was drunk with words he was probably talking about lollipops and it seemed like they were the solution to all universal problems.

The best thing about the meeting was that we were both natural although I myself kept Moogle on an extremely tight leash, which meant less sarcasm and a more serious face hehe.

It is imperative you have a chat with Qabbani, period! Allah eyhanneeh and his soon to be Mrs. Bless them both!

The next guy I am dying to meet is the one and only Abu Fares, followed by Hani Obaid and Qwaider!!! So yalla Q come here sometime – and Hani, I am planning to visit Jordan probably this autumn so stay tuned!

Now I end the post by giving you one of my fav articles Qabbani wrote.

The Fellow Bloggers’ Roast

OK I am sorry I just couldn’t resist! Haha! But know that I love you all really!! So let’s start with me for an ice breaker!

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Tada! Now I can go attend the Fairuz concert with a clear conscience LOL!