Them Imbecile Seagulls!

Smart bastards mocked me!

They have been seeing me every day on the beach, pointing this “black thing” (ie camera) in their direction… so they assumed I am attracted to them in some way.

They also know I usually carry tuna sandwiches.

So yesterday, while on the beach (another post on this coming up) they congregated upon my arrival. Baffled by their proximity and willingness to please me, I took advantage to leave my car unattended and draw in close for photos.

Meanwhile, one of them sneaky bastards flew into my car and stole the bag! ZOMG!

Then they flew while I was trying like mad to take photos of them… and then I noticed a familiar bag high in the sky O___O

I went back to my car. IMBECILES!

The thing later dropped the bag close by.

I felt ISO-certified dumb, LOL!

Trip to a Palace

I spent the weekend in Abu Dhabi. It was amazing and certainly refreshing from the rushing Dubai.

The fact that there is no traffic (largely thanks to the grid-like roads) is enough by itself. Best part is that it is almost an island, so it is surrounded by water. The weather was wonderful and I had a blast of a time. I absolutely love the smell of the sea salt. It is refreshing and I can literally live in all my life in a little tent on the beach.

The people there are also nice, much nicer than those in Dubai, and most certainly are in a class of their own. Not having the majority of citizen as expats does help in preserving the culture, and it shows how this quite city is certainly the best choice to live in.

I got a panorama shot of Emirates Palace, but unfortunately when developed it didn’t turn out as I had expected (it was too dark for my tastes) but when I go there next time I will make sure to be prepared and bring a tripod =p

Next week I may be off to another Emirate – if I have the cash to do so. Hehe.

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trip to Abu Dhabi

I can’t get enough of swings.

little fella’s eaten our breakfast

my and my best friend outside Emirate Palace

one of the main entrances to the palace courtyards

at the stairs of the palace

the palace