OMG! My Virtual House Costs $1 Million on E-Bay!

If you’re a fan of videogames or odd news in general, you probably heard about the teacher in the US who became a millionaire by playing the online game Second Life.

Let me brief you in on what the game is all about.

Just like the title says, Second Life. You literally live a second life. You go online and create your virtual character, and you are thrown off with millions of other users into the virtual world. What’s the catch? Because it is your virtual adaptation of the life you dream of, you also use your real money to make any transactions.

Yup, you heard that right. You use real money from your real bank account to buy a house, clothes, items, furniture, pets, jets and anything you want in the FUCKING VIRTUAL WORLD. Why? Simply because YOU CAN’T DO THAT IN REAL LIFE.

I mean that is just genius.

Say you CAN afford a private jet, but you very unfortunately live in the middle of the ocean where all you can have is private boats. But you want a private jet! So online you go, and you purchase a VIRTUAL PRIVATE JET with your REAL MONEY so that your VIRTUAL CHARACTER can enjoy his or her time in that private jet.

I mean, how sad is this really? You are so deprived of everything in life that you actually raise your virtual character and give it everything you couldn’t have for yourself. If you’re a parent this may sound familiar, but at least you’re giving it to your real kids in the real life. In Second Life you literally spend as many dollars as you can afford on your virtual character which can be switched off by the press of the power button.

What are people thinking? You can’t go to school, so you go to a private school in Second Life for a good amount of money. Worse yet, the teacher in the virtual school can literally be anyone who is “qualified” enough by the game’s standards. I mean this is seriously pathetic. As if we are so comfortable in managing our own real lives and expenses, we still have to manage a second one.

You can probably guess that this game was created by people who have recently escaped a mental institute and have formed a camp in the sewers.

So anyway, back to this millionaire teacher, apparently she is smart enough to abuse the idiots online and what she did was trade in real estate. I mean you virtual character HAS to live somewhere right? She bought herself a nice little place and sold it for higher price, then got a bigger one and sold it with profit, etc, until she actually established her own virtual real estate agency and started cashing in.

Welcome to the new era of bankruptcy and theft.