Genesis of Zero

I was born from the egg, and, being coming from an egg, I was shaped like one. But then man came, and said unto me:

“thou art not fit to be an egg. thou shalt be round, and round thou shalt be, and from whence u came thou shalt forget, and hither shalt thou be, all round and, uh, round”

And so I became round, until I was confused with a roman letter O, and, then, a Roman emperor came and said:

“you confuse us, foul number, with a letter O, and from here on, thou shalt be marked”

And I was marked with a stroke, forever scarred.

But then came a tribe from Eastern Europe, and said

“your scar led our people astray, for we have a letter O with a stroke, as well as one with a crown. Thou shalt be unstroked, but thou shalt be made thinner, for us to ensure the safety of our O”

And thin I have become… deprived of all the glory I had once had.

Abused for generations by men, I vowed revenge, and said unto man

“I am the great zero. Thou hath abused me, and I for long stayed silent. But now I exact my revenge unto thee, and thou shalt no longer be able to divide by me. For if you do, thine division will yield infinity, and infinity thou can’t grasp”.

And so man became forever confused, forever abused, and fear me, the great zero… for generations, they tried to understand infinity, and time, and space, but can’t… for I am the great zero, indivisible… and now I rule their science, their machines, and their currency… from an egg I came.. And to an egg I shall return… a full circle of life, and death, a full circle, a zero I am, and a zero I shall forever be.