A New Approach

I am not doing things right, yet, I believe, what I am doing is necessary. Or, perhaps, it is simply the matter of being too involved to come up with a fresh, or different, solution.

What I am talking about here is my workaholism. The irony of things is that I love to relax and do nothing sometimes, yet I am addicted to work. I always keep myself busy. With my current financial situation I sometimes have no choice, yet I know a lot of the times I am being too hard on myself.

Discipline is good, but I am burning myself out. My priorities are jumbled up because everything is a priority to me. I haven’t seen my friends in a long time even. Aaargh!

I know I have to take a holiday and I know I have to mix some fun into my life. My brain is a bit exhausted and I am working hard instead of working well.

I’m thinking of giving a fresh look at everything I am doing, from work to daily habits, and see what I truly value in doing and filter out things I do for the sake of being OCD like, for instance, saving each and every photo I find on some sites and sort them by date, author, alphabetically, subject, or a combination (yes, I am that anal).

Time to get my mojo back!

  • Mich

    You are too hard on yourself and your friends miss you! We miss you online and we miss you in real life. Work is good, but play too and friends are precious :-)

  • Anonymous

    I guess I have become a dull boy!

  • Seif and Beirut

    Take it easy, and live life my friend!

  • Jano

    Someone once said.. work smart, not hard. easier said than done i say.. good luck :)