Nothing Necessary

If there is one thing that would annoy any blogger – or a writer on any medium, for that matter – is the arduous feeling of being encumbered with the weight of thoughts colliding with confusion; you know you have to write before losing your grip on the last shreds of sanity but are too exhausted to do either.

Many events have transpired in the past month that were more worthy of blog space and mental energy than a couple of movie reviews. Indeed, the Egyptian Protests are taking the Arab and most of the rest of the world by storm, as well as our daily, petty problems which, small as they may be, eventually force us to throw in the towel and hope for a better day when we wake up.

For long, I have had the urge to write about many things… things of seriousness and love and humour and nonsense. I kept them in my head instead, until this very moment as I write these thoughts down.

What makes us careless to attend to ourselves? The more I observe twitter, or Facebook for that matter, the more I see people trying to find themselves amongst a crowd. That is not necessarily a bad thing, of course, however, I do feel that perhaps taking some time off to find myself without the crowd is what I need. I’ve put many friends and activities on hold as I pursued the unnecessary, online and offline. I got caught up in my busy schedule that I visited my best friend on the second day after his major operation.

I have so much to write about that I forgot why I started writing this post to begin with.

  • Mich

    Taking time off is overrated… finding oneself is an ongoing search. It never stops. The “crowd” is part of it and it can help along the way :-)

  • Claudie

    “What makes us careless to attend to ourselves? ”
    If only I could answer this question… I completely understand what you mean — unfortunately, there’s not much I can advise since I have yet to figure out myself what’s the best way to deal with such situations.
    However, there is something I’ve definitely come to understand, at least regarding to writing: there is no escape from the weight of thoughts unless we start to take it off thought by thought, forcing ourselves to write, even if we don’t publish everything… that of course can also lead to numerous forgotten drafts in WordPress :) but it is a start — one that can lead to many others.

  • Anonymous

    I know it doesn’t, Mich, but sometimes we have to back off a little and take a little breath to find time for ourselves.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right; I should probably write more often and be less inhibited. I never really inhibited myself from writing but again, I have to keep some thoughts to myself sometimes.

    Quite an oxymoron that we don’t feel free in a free world.

  • Touche

    Couldn’t agree more, a moment to stand still and adjust oneself, to know that it all starts within to move along and really contribute rather than merely having an invisible presence.

  • Toulda

    Blogging can be so soothing when you’ve got a lot on your mind. I seem to feel that way as well, a jam of thoughts, accumulating, fighting for those brain signals of uber priority within that beating breathing complex system of ours however at the end of a long day, the glare from my laptop screen is the last thing I want to face, so I just convince myself that whatever thoughts the events of the day have implanted are not worth the post! I then feel guilty and pull a partial all nighter to blog, it eases the jam, works like a charm! Nevertheless, it does end up sounding like a string of thoughts I can only decode but then again that’s what defines a rant.
    Ranting is the most unique form of writing!

  • Jano

    I think this is a normal phase every once in a while, especially for a blogger/writer. Not sure if this is the case but sometimes you feel that you’re a lab rat, running all day/month/year forgetting to stop and look around, to take a deep breath and relax. be inspired by what’s around and especially the little things..

  • Sulaiman

    Stop. Relax. Plot a new course.