For the first time, in a very long time, if not ever, I decided to “live the moment”. And for a while I have never experienced such¬†ecstasy¬†before… every day was not only a new day, but composed of individual hours all beautiful in their own ways.

The morning hours are beautiful in the cool morning sun, the smell of freshly washed linen hanging to dry; taking out the garbage to clean up the apartment; the relaxing (!) drive to work; and listening to the Quran which has become part of my daily routine, whether or not I pray.

The noon hours beautiful in the message exchanges with my loved ones on twitter and on the phone; the thrill of finally getting a hideous work task done; the gratefulness to the fact that it’s part of my job to use twitter and Facebook and even YouTube; being around amazing colleagues, and looking forward to the time I leave the office. Especially if it wasn’t a particularly “good” day. Then I drive home, far outside the city, leaving all problems and worries behind.

The afternoon and evening hours, filled with books (now digital, even) that fill my soul and creativity – like eating. Oh, eating! The joy of eating is one thing I cannot begin to explain. Even if it is a simple cheese sandwich… pressed on the grill, with a cucumber or a salty tomato on the side. And olives! God’s gift to mankind… and my new infatuation with dates! I can eat them all day, feel the textures with my tongue and let them melt in my mouth… much like how I have a Hershey’s or Galaxy.

And I miss having biscuits and tea with my grandmother. Bless her heart.

The night looms, but I am no night owl. I learned that I do and think terrible things if I don’t sleep before midnight. But that’s when I enjoy writing as I am most honest to myself. And I enjoy the flicker of the candles in the background, and the dim lights, with the shadows of the artificial tree in the apartment dance on the walls. I often see shapes and people and a story being made.

And when it’s time to sleep… oh! The smell of the sheets… the feeling of sinking into the mattress!

This is bliss – enjoying moment to moment.

And last night, I slipped, and thought about the future, my life, what I am doing, how I ended up where I am, and the darkness ahead I never manage to see through, and the shadows I left behind out of fear and disgust.

And became depressed.

  • Jano

    get yourself out of this KJ.. write more often, get all this out.. and dream of the future, make sure it will be something great.. because it will.. lsn to Rock Out by Anis Mojgani.. it has always been an inspiration to me, as well as the Quran and The Prophet by Jibran Khalil Jibran.

    i enjoyed your description of enjoying moment to moment.. very peaceful and inspiring. enjoy it :)

    Refuse to be let down even by your own self.. but again, taste the bitter and taste the sweet.. all part of the package that life offers..

    Good luck hun

  • D

    Oh my, i havent been blog hopping for a very long time. i love the changes u made to the layout too. i also like when u write from the heart, u manage to always move me when ur mushy :p never think too long or too hard about anything thats not the now, coz if u keep looking backward, u will never move forward, and if u over plan for the future or u look at it with an over analyzing eye, u will dread it and fall into depression. just live today.

  • Arnous81

    I am very with living in the moment. My belief is that if you focus on THIS moment. And make good decisions based on this moment, your future will be just fine. Because the future is only in our mind anyway. There is only now. And the future comes, its gonna be the same NOW youre in, now lol.

    Anyway, where did you get this idea? There’s a good book called Power of Now that gives insights into his. A great read check it out.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t read that book or any book regarding now versus future or yesterday – it’s just a phrase that I keep hearing over and over: enjoy today, live the moment, worry about now, etc…

    It’s very difficult not to think about the future… but when I don’t, I feel much better

  • Anonymous

    Thanks D! Yes I did make a few changes… I think I will stick to this version for now :)

    What you said is true, we should live today, but it requires a great skill to do it properly

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the support Jano! I will get out of it… and I will always be inspired by the little moments we always tend to overlook!

  • Anonymous

    Thinking about the future is a good wake up call every now and then. Helps you plan and prepare for worst case scenarios. Just don’t let the thoughts consume you though.

  • Mich

    Hopefully the good moments are more frequent than the less good ones… Keep going, it’s the only way :-))

  • Yasser

    living the moment is the right thing to do, especially when you create space for yourself to reflect and take your time before making decisions.
    good luck:)

  • Anonymous

    That’s what I try to do..

  • Anonymous

    I hope so too!

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, being who I am, they will consume me. The past few years have all been immaculately calculated, and then everything fell apart because of circumstances I couldn’t control. I have to admit it’s the best and worst thing that happened to me, but oftentimes I just cannot think of the future and would rather ignore it altogether!

  • Mohammad

    live and enjoy the moment kj that’s the best thing one can do, but never let some thoughts about future blackens your path, just think about the good things and plan for the best mate :-)

  • Anonymous

    You’re right :)