One of the great things about photography is that it tunes your mind to see the “big picture”, to flip the world around and climb atop scrapers to capture the beauty and the vastness of the horizon.

When everyone tries to squeeze in a scene into a frame, others focus on the little things in life – the world of insects, droplets, and the textures that form the foundation of everything else. In that little world, when you decide what is important and what is in focus, you come to realize how cluttered everything else is.

I am now in a stage where I am sick of being bombarded left and right with the unnecessary, taxing my brain into filtering out what is duly valuable and what has no tangible purpose or quality. Moving to an area outside of the city has filtered out much of the city noise and traffic, much to my relief, and I could dedicate more time and mental energy to attend into more important matters, quietly I might add.

My decluttering process is a long one – involving the disposal of many household items that have been retained in store rooms and drawers for that one time I might use them that never comes. Trapped in their own memories, they trap me in theirs as I constantly struggle to decide what really matters and what doesn’t. Living with my sibling does require compromises, but there are so many lost items behind doors and cabinets needing to find a proper resting place.

In the ever-interconnected web everyone competes to be on top, adding insurmountable amounts of widgets and links and interactivity, most of which are unnecessary and a very few websites that succeed in effectively optimizing their junk to their own good. A look at a twitter timeline shows you how people – myself included – add to each other’s clutter in a way or another. When everyone is an entrepreneur or a social media expert because they have a twitter account and a facebook fan page, I’d like to periodically go back to the real world, to the smell of aging paper in books, going out to parks and beaches and talk to people face to face.

Looking back at what’s around me I decided it is time I redesign my blog and photo gallery and other things. Previously I thought of giving each a distinctive look and feel but have decided to strip them all down to the bare essentials. My blog does look a bit bland now by common standards – no gloss or interactivity – but, as selfish as it is, this is my blog and I can do whatever I wish with it.

And right now I want it clutter free.

The design is not done yet – I do have to create rebranded logo for this blog and the photo gallery, but they’re all functionally sound, I hope, as far as I am concerned. Some colour quirks here and there will be ironed out in the coming days as well.

My only wish is for all cities to be flattened to 4-storey buildings at the most, each with a lush front and back yard. If these tall towers of this day and age ever reach a limit, it is that of mediocrity.