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Bottled Water, or Tap?

I remember in 97 when I was in NYC, often I was asked if I would like to have tap water or bottled water. Even when watching shows, I see people filling in water from the tap, and often wondered why the hell would someone do that.

Then again when I was in Saudi I knew exactly where our water came from – we used to fill an underground well in our villa and I knew exactly how that well looked like from the inside. Though we had it cleaned and painted and sterilized, it remained a well and the trees and plants in the garden always found their way to penetrate through.

So for me tap water was a no no.

In Syria, we have filters. Bottled water was only seen in restaurants to boost the bill. My friend who works for the Abu Dhabi Electric & Water Authority claims that the water here is safe to drink, the one being distributed anyway, and depending on the quality and cleanliness of the piping on a building by building case things may differ.

Now after seeing this video, I think I will buy filters for 90-something AED and save myself a shitload of money on bottled water. You can get the fact sheet in the more info pane on the video page. What I find interesting though is that if this is done by something we take for granted, such as water, then what about everything else?

  • http://bohemiantranscendence.com/ Claudie

    I recommend you also watch “The Story of Stuff” :) it's as enlightening…

  • jarofjuice

    I did watch it some time back, it really was an eye opener as well!

  • Abid

    the best thing you're doing is saving the enviornment by not buying bottles

  • jarofjuice

    At home in Syria we use glass bottles. We've had the same bottles for as long as I can remember! Always clean and the water tastes perfect

  • Moey

    Great post, sometimes it doesn't matter as long as the water tastes fine.

  • https://twitter.com/BloggerSeif Ali Seif

    This is a very big topic over here in Canada now too! Little did we know that companies like Nestle and Dasani really fill up on Canadian tap water, bottle them, and sell it back to us and to others in the United States! It's really absurd how we all took it to be something “better” than tap water, when in studies most people couldn't tell the difference of which was bottle and which was not! But I guess you'd be happy to know that water filters are a much healthier alternative to bottled water, not to mention cheaper (as you said).

    Great post! Glad to know the Canadian Media isn't the only one talking about this! :)

  • jarofjuice

    Thanks for your feedback Ali :) I installed water filters and haven't regretted the decision till now