One of the “greatest” inventions of mankind – the ability to project a boxed group of human beings vertically at high velocities – proves once again that it’s not usually the “stupid machine’s” fault but rather the stupid people who decide on how the blasted things operate.

Now here’s a simple scenario. In my previous job, and in the period where I worked in an actual office, it was sitting in a 40-something story tower. Now being Dubai, it’s quite an enormous tower in size and girth, though it had lots of faults, namely the impossibility to have anyone find a parking spot as well as questionable safety issues.

The main issue was that the building had ample elevators – I think 6 or 8 I forgot – but what wa not taken into account was the volume of people. The floor I worked in had at least 150 individuals. One floor of 40. Add to the problem is that companies like to show off by positioning themselves at the upper floors – inflated ego, more expensive rent, which leads to, yes, job cuts (duh). While I was there, most companies had offices on the upper floors. The elevators were divided, in typical fashion, to serve specific floors. But think of only our office and trying to get 150 people there are 9 AM.

Thankfully, in the latter part of my previous job, I didn’t have to deal with this issue, as I had to work in the elevator lobby of the basement parking.


Anyhow, it’s prevalent in many towers in Dubai, as I am sure it is in the rest of the world. My solution to the problem? Many people don’t really need to be in an office. Sure it’s a bit counter-productive to work from home, and it is important so socialize and network at work, but think about it. In the past few decades how many changes in the working world did we adapt to? Like what’s the point of wearing a suit really? It will make you look as posh when everyone else is wearing them, but if we don’t wear suits, is that the end of the world? Do you spend meetings talking to the person or feeling the textures of each others’ suits?

Do we spend more time on paper work or on computers? People send designs and documents all over the internet. Client meetings are face to face, mostly, sure, but when was the last four hour meeting in a corporate room as productive as a two hour meeting in a coffee shop?

So coming back to elevators. They suck. Period.

And yes, I “really had to go” and was stuck in an elevator this morning as every single person had to stop on a different floor. Sue me!