A Quick Encounter with My Ex-Boss

I have been told many stories by my colleagues of their encounters with former colleagues and bosses. They’re typically awkward and a rare few deviate from the formal pleasantries. Which isn’t a bad thing of course.

This morning queuing up to pay for my breakfast – which today unusually involves a fruit in the form of a banana (and I know one reader would be jumping up and down reading this) – I bumped into the first project manager I worked with four years ago. It was actually a pleasant surprise as I thought he was out of town, and more so than that he was a really good project manager, one who certainly did not engage in eight hour meetings.

In any case, after the customary pleasantries, he said “So, you’re a photographer now!”. I was a bit surprised till I remembered that some while ago I updated my LinkedIn to be a photographer.

And I did look the part, today. He looked smart and professional, with his clean shave and crisp suit. I on the other hand, was wearing five year old jeans (shocking), a really bad bright red t-shirt better suited as a mop (it has a friggin hole in it), a beard I haven’t trimmed in three weeks (and haven’t had a clean shave a month before) which looks even worse than the one on my LinkedIn, a Channel 4 Radio cap I “won” by calling up the radio host and demanding I get a cap and a mug, and, worst of all, white socks. The sportswear kind.

If you always thought I’m a fashion disaster, today I’m Fashion Chernobyl.

Although I’m not a pro photog and have not been paid for any photo shoot, frankly, I felt really proud. And that is a good end to a morbidly depressing week and a great start to a fantastic weekend.

  • Harsha Parpia

    How do I give a 'like'.. anyways *like* :oP

  • http://www.missarafat.com/ Rula A.

    The good thing is that eventually things ended in a good way :)
    I always stick to this; Dress cute wherever you go, life is too short to blend in.. :)

  • http://blog.jarofjuice.com KJ

    You kidding! I will have a look at it when I get the time

  • http://blog.sweetestmemories.com Qwaider

    You know, I have mixed emotions about old bosses. Most I would be extremely happy to meet and have quite the catch up with them. But few I would probably look the other way and pretend they don't exist.

  • http://blog.sweetestmemories.com Qwaider

    DisQus SUCKS! It won't take Arabic in the names! :(

  • jarofjuice

    No way! I will look into it when I get the time. Sorry about that

  • jarofjuice

    I usually do that with the “technical architect” I had to deal with on the last project.

  • jarofjuice


  • desertshark

    I've never had a bad boss, but I've had some dumb ones that I'm glad I'll probably never see again. At least you ran into a boss that you kind of like, if it was one that you hate you'd probably have a lot more to say.

  • jarofjuice

    I wouldn't be saying much as I'd run the other way LOL! I'll probably
    document the great escape though ;)

  • http://howtogetmyexbackways.com/ Ex Back

    I feel I owe him a quick note of apology for all the things I did or didn't done during my tenure

  • https://twitter.com/t_hamza Hamza Taha

    I've never thought of what would I do if I meet any of my ex-bosses. Despit leaving a good impression on most of them, I don't tend to stay in touch.

    What if I run into anyone of them? well, I guess I'll try to keep my smile. :)

  • http://howtogetmyexbackways.com/ Ex Back

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