I Wanted to See This for Myself

I Wanted to See This for Myself

And that’s what very few people really understand.

Here’s a thing you didn’t know about shy little KJ – I love experiences, but mostly, I love experiencing, something I myself was would be aghast with disbelief a few years ago. But while many people change, I mutate, not necessarily into something terrible. On the contrary, every passing day I feel more human.

Society’s idealistic approach to brainwashing people is that we all have to be perfect and play our roles in The System. That’s fantastic in theory, but there’s a flaw: Those creative visionaries of The System are anything but perfect themselves. And as it turns out, neither is The System. I asked once abufares, at a time when I was hitting some low notes the past year, how does the world work? To which he cunningly responded It doesn’t work, it gives the illusion of it being working.

Which is pretty fine, actually.

If we look at the greater scale of things, whatever we do here is merely a microscopic representation of everything else outside this planet. Divine symphony or not, The System works because of the natural chaos of things.

Going back to my original point, which I didn’t yet make, is that I wanted to see this “nonsense” myself. And a good opportunity to do that was to exploit my one year of unemployment where I had the finances to back it up and the lack of commitments to a wife or girlfriend or children. Admittedly I haven’t done a particularly good job – I haven’t done drugs nor have I bothered to check into a nightclub for the sake of binging and waking up in a morgue – but I have gained more insights about myself that I would probably have not if I had followed the way The System should work. That’s not to say I am now not missing out on what could have happened had I been part of it, either.

If I am not making any sense then it’s alright. It will be over soon.

Here’s food for thought: If The System should only function in a certain way then why do all these other variables and imperfections happen? My two cents: It’s because it’s the inherent natural order of The Process that The System does not function as it should, which is exactly why it is functioning as it should.

  • http://www.missarafat.com/ Rula A.

    I was reading and reading and thinking what the heck!! Till I read “If I am not making any sense then it’s alright.” so it is a normal feeling that I got of not understanding a thing :)
    Love the song though..

  • jarofjuice

    At least give yourself a pat on the back for reading! The song is
    called Fall by the Editors.

  • Asmaa El-khani

    ''If The System should only function in a certain way then why do all these other variables and imperfections happen?''

    I can't answer that question but just to comment on it, are variables and imperfections a bad thing? What you consider an imperfection could actually be considered as a norm for someone else or something beautiful. A scar is an imperfection in theory but I think a scar tells a story and adds character. Changing your perspective changes the world and how you feel you fit in it.

  • https://twitter.com/t_hamza Hamza Taha

    let me add my two cents as well:
    People have adopted the System and are deluded to try to adapt to it. What people fail to realize is that their might not need to be a System in the first place. If we all seek our innate inner souls and thoughts, I believe we can co-exist in a world with no boundaries.

  • jarofjuice

    Whether we like it or not, we do need a system in the end. Governed chaos. The problem is not having a system but how the system operates

  • jarofjuice

    This is what I am trying to say. I am sick of being perfect and people should enjoy being human not being the perfect drone.

  • kinano

    The System does not work. It shouldn't work, because if, and when, it does it will cease working! The imperfections, the chaos, the slivers of randomness and granules of malfunction; that is HOW it works. Render all those malignancies obsolete and The System will implode on itself. Such is the beauty and genius of The System. Order out of chaos, light out of darkness and (most exuberantly) sense out of none-sense. It is thus that we marvel at The System and strive ever so enthusiastically to grasp its clockwork.

  • http://zeinamasri.wordpress.com/ Zeina

    I have always thought about the system as the matrix, yes, the movie!
    We are a part of the large matrix where the smiths are traditions, social behaviors, norms, miss-conceptual and misunderstood religions, everything that shapes us into that “perfect” stereotype. The machines are the governments. And free thinkersare Neo and his friends.

    Then I read this and you introduced me into a whole new perspective for how to define a system, or what is a system!

    But then again Chaos itself is a system!


    It's like meditating on how much it takes to breakdown a working system, then how much it takes to realize that the system is still functioning, and it simply went coucou…

  • jarofjuice

    The Matrix was a good movie. I don't really believe anyone knows how
    things work. We merely know our role in how it works. Or at least we
    try to