Change of Topics

Alright, so here we are, me not blogging as much, for no excuse at all but laziness on my side, preoccupying myself with senseless things more often than sensible ones. Closing in on the 9th month of unemployment does wonders to the brain! Nevermind the fact that I have to entertain four other characters in my head (yes Moogle isn’t the only one), my being a social person (online and off) does little justice to what’s truly in my head!

True, I make people laugh, the ones who are into my kind of humor anyway, but when the PC is off and I sit on the balcony sipping anise and eating something distastefully low carb my mind wanders off  to a sea of dreams. Lots of the time they’re insensible, but more often than anyone would like to I do have something intelligent to say about me, others, and life in general.

Of course, I try to turn mundane events into a comic show. Surely, calling someone a fucking whore in front of a school bus is anything but amusing, but at least the lead up would have been funny.

But I sometimes want to talk about something serious, and from my own reading habits, reading serious posts takes quite a chunk of energy. No matter how in reality I do care about what I am reading, or the person behind the post, I cannot get myself to finish reading the post. Or if I do indeed finish, I really have nothing to say.

Which is why you don’t find me commenting often.

And here I go again losing track of what I want to say, which is: give me inspiration. My blog isn’t as good as it used to be. Of course it might be because I constantly seek to  improve everything when I should enjoy them.

But a little reader input wouldn’t hurt.