Butter Up!

Or buckle up, whichever you prefer – I am gonna force my way back into your lives and cheer you out of your mundane, boring daily routine.

And if you don’t have mundane, boring, daily routines, why do you have a blog? In any case I would make them even better!

I will go into details on what I have been doing in separate posts (the next post, scheduled in 36 hours, is epic and hilarious), but here’s your “quickie”: I moved out of UAE’s local parking lot (Sharjah) and into the jungle (Dubai), mom was here, went and had a nice Eid in Syria (and met Batoul and Qabbani too!), some of my photography would be put in a “zen clinic” (woohoo!), became a contributing blogger to Shufflegazine, gained some weight, changing my style a bit, and I just noticed I am awesome (allow me to indulge in some vanity here!) and lots more.

Oh, and I like doodling.

Remember! 36 hours!