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I do not know how to describe it now,

Beautiful nature limitless that night;
The cascading gold at the mountain peak;
The shimmering silvers against the stars;
Emanating emeralds ethereal
Blessing the sights whose eyes lay upon them;
A ruby cave silent, but whispering
“Forever I seek you, Purple Iris”.

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Film Hindi

A friend of mine did this and put it up on dA.... I can't stop laughing! ROFLMFAO!
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A Bad Day at the Airport

Airport woes are nothing new to anyone who's traveled, and frequent fliers are always susceptible to baggage losses, canceled flights, wailing kids and the Bitch at Passport Control. Like my management professor says, they're commercial smiles, nothing is for free. Apparently Passport Control Bitch (PCB for short) doesn't get paid particularly well.

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