And I’m Back to School

To tell you that I have been anticipating writing this post ever since I got employed three years ago is an understatement. And now, I’m proud to tell you, I AM BACK TO SCHOOL!


APR 2008 084

I shall no longer be a bachelor!

After some time of deliberation, being unemployed and lost, trying to find direction in my life, I thought it best to take this time as an opportunity to pursue things I have put on hold. And continuing my education is a major thing I want to finish – not only because it paves a way to potential better jobs, but because I really need the mental stimulation, something I considerably lacked in the latter half of my former job’s small lifetime.

APR 2008 106

some of the best memories took place on this clearing here. maybe I should post a video?

I can’t tell you what being in class meant. It was just like entering campus for the first time as a student, and that’s a heavy thing to say considering I have been familiar with the campus since 2002. The night class is a bonus – it’s quiet but there are patches of students goofing about everywhere. My class, unfortunately, goes through the duration of taraweeh prayers. The fact that the campus mosque could be heard well beyond the campus grounds doesn’t help in concentration – and I am not being negative here. Though muffled through the walls, the imam of the campus mosque has an enchanting voice when he recites the Quran. It moves me, like it did for years, and though I was trying hard to concentrate in the engaging class, my spirit was someplace else.

APR 2008 082

the window from the adjacent building? that’s my class

Back to the course – my program is called Msc in Engineering Systems Management, in English it’s sort of like MBA with Information Technology perspective. Being in a class where you’re treated like an adult makes you look at your professors differently. They suddenly seem more educated and enlightened, and the on going discussions draw from many walks of life and current news, merging them together in an interesting and friendly way to comprehend. It’s a far cry from attending the undergraduate classes – the mere fact that you’re treated with respect makes quite a whole lot of difference. Not that I wasn’t respected as an undergrad, but male egos are sensitive to signals sent by other people and, in our little sense of logic, any person who doesn’t seem to respect us – or respectable themselves – is demoted in the social hierarchy and sent way below a cockroach.

APR 2008 089

the new library is probably the best place on campus

The discussions and the fact that I wasn’t engaged in some of them because I haven’t been up to date with the news or who X person was/is made me realize how brain dead I have been. It’s quite stimulating and I’m excited to keep tabs on many things right now. It should be noted that having Wikipedia open on my iPhone (thank you free WIFI on campus) is definitive a life/ego saver!

APR 2008 094

back to basics – shelving books, filing & cross pollinating them – welcome to student life!