A Hilarious e-mail from Crazy Stalker Fan Katie

This morning, I finally managed to open my desktop email client, where my emails are sorted in an elaborate heirarchy of folders depending on recepient, email address sent to, function, group, etc. Sure, I have organized my web based Gmail, but nothing beats a well-implemented tree and email filters on Thunderbird.

I received an email from Katie, a new reader of my blog who has become a fan. I wouldn’t blame her LOL :P but she took a brave step in admitting her stalking habits and have created one heck of a creative and witty email. I took her permission to share it so here you have it! (the photo links are safe to open, don’t worry!)

I’ve been reading through your blog for the past 10 days or so, and it’s been a quite entertaining (and sometimes scary) journey.

As a thank you, I baked you a devil’s food-mocha cupcake: (photo link)

But then a certain Moogle appeared (photo link) and said you had stuffed yourself on all sorts of delicious food in Syria and couldn’t possibly have room for a chocolate cupcake. He decided he was going to claim it for himself.

At that moment, a swarm of ninjas from the Technicolor Dojo of Great Brightness arrived (photo link) and looked ready to make trouble.

What happened next was clouded by vaporized frosting and swirling crumbs (I heard all sorts of screams and oofs and what I think blunt-force trauma would sound like), but this is the scene that greeted me once everything settled down: (photo link)

So, no cupcake. :(

Thanks Katie!