Today’s Friday Prayer’s Topic Would Be…

I still didn’t go to prayer yet, but I already know what the Imam will be discussing: Michael Jackson’s and Farrah Fawcett’s deaths vs the recent Iraq bombing and Iran elections.

It’s such a classic topic discussed whenever some major idol dies (in the Arab/nonArab/Muslim/nonMuslim worlds). The other time when this Lebanese singer, Suzan Tamim, got shot in Dubai Marina, the Imams made a huge fuss about how everyone is investigating and mourning the death “of a singer whore” instead of investigating the massacres done against Muslims everywhere. Added to that, this episode is teaching our kids that pop idols are more important than our brothers and sisters in Palestine/Iraq/wherever.

What I find interesting that, though to no surprise, the Imams think of the Muslim problems to be the top priority and only to be solved. Sure, I don’t disagree they’re important. Massacres have to be stopped.

But during the du3a2 phase of the khutba, he doesn’t bother himself to pray for the starving and desperately malnutritioned in Africa. He didn’t bother to pray for the lost lives in the Sri Lanka tsunami, except explicitly mentioning he Muslim survivors. So, the others deserved it? Apparently, according to him – for the tsunami is the wrath of God of course sent to punich everyone there for some grave sin they’ve done.

Which grave sin? Sending in their women here as maids so they can feed the family back home, and you end up raping them? The tsunami should have gone the other direction. Our Muslim Imams need to wake up to life and start giving a better image of Muslims and stop alienating Muslims themselves from their own religion.

Yes, the world grieves that MJ is dead. I grieve too – whether or not you’ve been too hot about all his ‘odd’ things, alleged pedophilia or whatever, you can’t deny his music did something. Heck, most of  my generation grew up on his music.

What will happen if Fairuz dies? Expect us to just sit quiet through it, because she is a “singer whore” and not a martyr? Maybe they will make an exception, she did sing an ode to Palestine several times.