Movie Review: Pixa'rs Up

Movie Review: Disney-Pixar’s Up (in 3D)

Animated movies have their own charm, you have to admit. From Toy Story to Finding Nemo to Wall-E, each one strikes cords and taps into the creative subconscious where other movies epically fail. The latest addition, aptly entitled Up is the newest entry, and it’s probably the absolute best.

This is the first time I attend a 3D animation wearing 3D glasses. If you get the chance to watch it in full 3D, don’t miss out – it’s a world of difference!

The charm in Up lies in its striking character development and story telling. It’s a simple yet beautiful story that will fail to touch you only if you’re a cyborg in need for some serious emotional circuitry. The first few minutes of the film develop the core of the plot and is too precious to spoil here. To be able to set up the character backgrounds in a mere few minutes is a mighty feat, something that I thought was a one-time achievement with Wall-E.

Years after the events in the beautiful introduction, the now-old Carl (the old grumpy fellow in the trailer) sets off with his house – literally – suspended from a myriad of balloons to seek Paradise Falls in South America, to fulfill a promise. All things were going well until someone knocks on his door – in mid air.

Pixar's "Up"

Looks like a young boy scout, Russel, was trapped as the house took off. Russel, too, has a vow to fulfill, and without any alternative the old Carl and the young doofus Russel will have to cope with each other.

The film is an intelligent approach to elderly-child relationships, and both offer loads of humor since both age groups can do and say stuff andget away with when other age groups can’t. It’s pretty hilarious when the two bicker about an issue which only makes sense in both views of life. Lots of humor is also stemmed from secondary characters – ‘pets’ acquired along the trip who also become the focal point of much of the tension and the film’s climax. The animals are adorable and absolutely hilarious, and how they interact with each other as well as with Carl and Russel is naturally amusing.

Pixar's "Up"

It also helps that the film’s art direction is superb. Characters are polished well with details and believable facial expressions. The animation is fluid and varied and the environments are equally elegant. Watching the film in 3D truly makes a difference – you feel as though you’re literally there and more often than not I extended my hands to touch someone’s face LOL!

Pixar outdid themselves this time just like they did with Wall-E. Two naturally hilarious age groups combined with animals make for an unforgettable and a truly touching adventure.

Pixar's "Up"

This is an absolutely MUST see movie. In fact it’s currently number 15 on the top 250 on IMDB with a score of 9.0. If that doesn’t say something then I dunno what will.