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Unemployment, Here I Come!

There’s no need to be upset. I, for one, am ecstatic that this is over. Granted, I will miss the income, and feeling somehow “useful”, but it is now due.

Two years and eight months. Wow. Over 640 working days! I should get a trophy. Of survival.

I have drafted several goodbye emails, but picked the shortest and sweetest to send. There’s nothing left to do, nothing I would talk home about anyway. My energy now should be spent on pressing forward, and following my own wishes. I have to stop pretending to be someone else.

I will have another post celebrating my departure in 10 days’ time. Meanwhile, I have written this poem, the first of which I have written in the Rubayiat iambic pentameter (inspired of course from the book I am reading, Samarkand, as well as my final days here). It’s emo and sentimental and needs refining, but it’s pretty decent for one that’s written in 10 minutes (not that emo and sentimental is something unexpected of me :P ).

For Hamza, who asked about the reference of the chocolate boy, dig into a couple of posts I have written some while ago :P

Oh, and I would appreciate it if in your comments you do not “OMG what are you gonna do?!”. My answer for now is: TAN!


On the third month of summer I arrived,
And thought, could I do this? But I survived!
Two and a half years of work, sweat, and joy 
Filled my days and by them they’ve been derived. 

On the fourth week of fall I met a boy,
He was young and carefree and lived with joy.
A chocolate he gave, said “Big fellow,
Let me tell you the secrets of this ploy!” 

On the second day of winter mellow
I had the work of the world to swallow,
But chocolate for chocolate I learned
Hard work, a smile, and riches will follow. 

On the first hour of spring I have earned
What treasure the chocolate boy concerned,
“Carry feathers in your wings what you’ve learned,
And soar above the skies, you’re fate’s discerned.”