Book Review: Fragile Things

Ten Word Summary: Short, wonderful, imaginative and highly entertaining for the most part.

There are a few books nowadays – unfortunately – that are capable of throwing you into an inexplicably odd world where you can find yourself comfortable and restless at the same time. Having a book with not one story, but stories that do just that, is a piece of marvel in itself.


Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things is a wonder – and Neil has no issue at all in putting that word as part of the extended title. This collection of short stories sends you into magical world after magical world. When it succeeds, it captivates you, immerses you into a touching story (often thought-provoking) and genuine atmosphere. I have, at times, felt I was sitting along with the months of the year as they shared their stories over the bonfire. I have been tormented by a demon in Hell for the sins I have committed, for being weak.. I have clubbed with aliens, ate cat meat, been a psychotic mess, been in love and out of it.

Granted, not all stories are going to appeal to everyone – certainly I could not help myself to finish a couple of stories, and the greater lot of the first quarter of the stories were subpar… but as I flipped the pages, the stories got progressively better and more bizarre. And there’s 27 of them.

Bottom Line: If you have little time to spare, or short term memory, this is your best place to be re-introduced to literature.