Bahrain Getaway pt 1 – The Preflight Drama

My friends and I, tired of our boring daily routine, have planned a weekend getaway to nearby island country Bahrain. Knowing myself, though, I was very reluctant to go. I have commitment issues with the company. Let’s say I am a self-proclaimed care taker, insisting that everything that ever happens in my project or in other projects is my responsibility and that I should handle it. Yes, I am an idiot, one of those who genuinely cares about their job even though it’s not worth a sweat.

I called up my best friend and gave him the bombshell that I opted out, that I can’t just “leave” the work unfinished (as if it never finishes, note that all my tasks are top priority) and that it is unfathomable that I would have to not solve a problem or answer an email. My friend was upset and he just hung up.

And then this phone call happened:

Friend: umm KJ
KJ: aha
Friend: I was calling up the hotels
KJ: aha
Friend: they’re saying they cannot check us in without whores
KJ: come again?
Friend: they’re saying they cannot check us in without whores
KJ: what kind of hotels are you calling!
Friend: the five star ones!
KJ: shit! and?!
Friend: they can arrange for us girls for 100 dinars ($266) per girl
KJ: be7yat elli khallafak! 
Friend: I will see what I can do
KJ: see ya ebni see Allah ye5zeek, anyway am not going… good luck!

He eventually found a hotel where no girls were required for check in. It turned out that it is spring break this week

30 minutes later, I receive an email from Jazeera Airways informing me that my flight has been confirmed LOL!

I called up my friend again and he said nothing except that he’s expecting to see me in the airport – and I am the first to arrive of all my friends. I gulped my pride but gave him an earful that I might have as well went to Damascus for that price but he simply said “it’s all on me till you get here”. WOW! Don’t you love my friends?

I took advantage of the situation of course and the next day I had a limo pick me up and take me to the airport hahahaha. I ain’t paying right? :P I might as well teach him a lesson about giving me an open budget. I felt a bit guilty, of course, but karma was just around the corner. I realized I forgot my camera (hence no photos to show).

My drive to the airport was most comfortable. I checked in my luggage and plopped open my laptop as I had a solid 4 hours before my flight. It was then that I got a phone call from my project manager.

He didn’t know was at the airport. But he knew I rarely pick up anyway (some commitment huh).

I checked my work email to find a huge amount of problems that have surfaced – and I was required to be on site 30 minutes before my flight. Simply brilliant.

And not only that, but for the first time since August, my line manager was on CC. Not that they have to involve management for me to get my work done, but my bosses have this thing where they would like to involve as many people as possible in every email to give them some authority.

At any rate, efficient KJ provided the best transperancy and managed to solve a shitload of problems.

Then my battery flashed. And there are no power outlets.

I panicked.

I’ve received over 23 calls in 4 hours (all unanswered) and then I threw in one wonderfully written email that I have handed over my tasks to someone else as I am most positively ill and just took in my sleepy medications.

My battery died. I didn’t know if the email was sent.

Shit! Fuck me NOW!

I sent my colleague an SMS; he confirmed that he received the email. Relieved, I went to board the plane at 6:30 PM.

It was then, as I sat in the plane watching Dubai in the distance, when I realized how stressed I really am and that I don’t take things easy when I should. I decided not to dwell on it, as I saw my problems fade into the horizon, I slept through my short flight.

But Karma had other plans… bigger, more sinister (and humorous) plans, all awaiting to be revealed in my next post.