Bahrain Getaway pt 1 – The Preflight Drama

My friends and I, tired of our boring daily routine, have planned a weekend getaway to nearby island country Bahrain. Knowing myself, though, I was very reluctant to go. I have commitment issues with the company. Let’s say I am a self-proclaimed care taker, insisting that everything that ever happens in my project or in other projects is my responsibility and that I should handle it. Yes, I am an idiot, one of those who genuinely cares about their job even though it’s not worth a sweat.

I called up my best friend and gave him the bombshell that I opted out, that I can’t just “leave” the work unfinished (as if it never finishes, note that all my tasks are top priority) and that it is unfathomable that I would have to not solve a problem or answer an email. My friend was upset and he just hung up.

And then this phone call happened:

Friend: umm KJ
KJ: aha
Friend: I was calling up the hotels
KJ: aha
Friend: they’re saying they cannot check us in without whores
KJ: come again?
Friend: they’re saying they cannot check us in without whores
KJ: what kind of hotels are you calling!
Friend: the five star ones!
KJ: shit! and?!
Friend: they can arrange for us girls for 100 dinars ($266) per girl
KJ: be7yat elli khallafak! 
Friend: I will see what I can do
KJ: see ya ebni see Allah ye5zeek, anyway am not going… good luck!

He eventually found a hotel where no girls were required for check in. It turned out that it is spring break this week

30 minutes later, I receive an email from Jazeera Airways informing me that my flight has been confirmed LOL!

I called up my friend again and he said nothing except that he’s expecting to see me in the airport – and I am the first to arrive of all my friends. I gulped my pride but gave him an earful that I might have as well went to Damascus for that price but he simply said “it’s all on me till you get here”. WOW! Don’t you love my friends?

I took advantage of the situation of course and the next day I had a limo pick me up and take me to the airport hahahaha. I ain’t paying right? :P I might as well teach him a lesson about giving me an open budget. I felt a bit guilty, of course, but karma was just around the corner. I realized I forgot my camera (hence no photos to show).

My drive to the airport was most comfortable. I checked in my luggage and plopped open my laptop as I had a solid 4 hours before my flight. It was then that I got a phone call from my project manager.

He didn’t know was at the airport. But he knew I rarely pick up anyway (some commitment huh).

I checked my work email to find a huge amount of problems that have surfaced – and I was required to be on site 30 minutes before my flight. Simply brilliant.

And not only that, but for the first time since August, my line manager was on CC. Not that they have to involve management for me to get my work done, but my bosses have this thing where they would like to involve as many people as possible in every email to give them some authority.

At any rate, efficient KJ provided the best transperancy and managed to solve a shitload of problems.

Then my battery flashed. And there are no power outlets.

I panicked.

I’ve received over 23 calls in 4 hours (all unanswered) and then I threw in one wonderfully written email that I have handed over my tasks to someone else as I am most positively ill and just took in my sleepy medications.

My battery died. I didn’t know if the email was sent.

Shit! Fuck me NOW!

I sent my colleague an SMS; he confirmed that he received the email. Relieved, I went to board the plane at 6:30 PM.

It was then, as I sat in the plane watching Dubai in the distance, when I realized how stressed I really am and that I don’t take things easy when I should. I decided not to dwell on it, as I saw my problems fade into the horizon, I slept through my short flight.

But Karma had other plans… bigger, more sinister (and humorous) plans, all awaiting to be revealed in my next post.

Habbly [belated] Bilsday!

I got an email from one of my Stalker Readers – you  know, the type who know each and every single thing about your life and your blog and have never ever commented.

As if I don’t see them on Woopra :party: 


Turns out that another Stalker Reader’s birthday is coming up, and given that she loves my blog, her friends decided to throw her a surprise party here!

So, Ms. Asmaa, have a wonderfully habbly bilsday and wishes from the entire Stalked Blogsphere!!!!

enjoy your birthday, while you’re still young!

World of Feelings

People often ask me: Why? Why do I do this to myself, why am I eccentric, why can’t I ever be normal, why can’t I just do things like any other mortal would?

I don’t feel the need to answer this question, most of the time, except with “because this is the way I like it”. And, in fact, I quite do like it, despite the many downsides of things.

An older friend I’ve known for years and take as an older brother told me “I don’t see why you need to feel like you have to follow what people do… instead of following someone’s footstepts, deviate, carve your own path and let people follow you instead”.

I am a person whose life revolves arounds feelings. I believe that feelings are what makes us who we are – a complex and amazing species. We rationalize, argue, justify, dream, inspire, aspire, fall in love; fail in it.

I embrace feelings. I bathe in emotions, day in and out. I do not feel the need of being “constantly happy”, nor do I delve for depression either.

The brain – mind rather – is an extraordinary contraption often misused and abused. People spend a lot of their waking hours actively seeking happiness. “Think positive”, “keep happy thoughts”… running away from everything else in an endeavour to find happiness.

People do not realize they spend so much mental effort to find happiness when it’s right under their nose.

Thoughts are thoughts. We label them. We make our thoughts happy, or sad, or just keep them thoughts. We all indulge in and expand on our thoughts. We elaborate, recall similar memories, and in turn set our mood. We can’t help but think. We get drained when we are actively thinking only happy thoughts, instead of allowing thoughts to flow naturally.

I don’t actively seek happiness. Not in the conventional sense anyhow. Yes, I do things I like (it would be foolish to spend your time doing something you don’t, a job notwithstanding, for the time being). Yes, I do spend time with people I love.

But emotions come in pairs. To experience one in exclusion of the other takes away the power of the emotion.

I dream, I rise above all and perform the exceptional in a mundane world when I am happy. I turn to my soul and understand myself as I relish in anger, cofusion, sadness.

I spent lots of my life lying around in my emotions. I have a penchant for exploring the depths of my feelings. I live them all the way through. Happiness, anger, melancholy, lust, loathing, affection, ecstacy, agitation, solitude, hatred, sentiment, to name a few.

Breathing them, enjoying them as they are, understanding their nature and exploring their dynamics – this is how I live. This is how I am empathetic. This is how I understand people. I know how they feel, and I know it well.

There is a unique sublimity in understanding the transiency of feelings, and their flow. It allows you to appreciate your moments – and while we all strive to be happy, it is a form of happiness when you understand your feelings and your current state of mind.

It’s what make us who we are, after all.

Fat-holic in a Fat-phobic World

Excuse my title as it was taken from a short story written by a fellow student back in college.


Today I am sooooooo appaaaaaaaaaaallled beyond measure! And I feel truly and utterly miserable! And depressed!

My trainer told me that I need to eat LOW FAT FOOD.



Has he NO SENSE of perception!

I had NO idea my eyelash infection is contagious! That imbecile!

Trainer: Since I can’t give you cardio now, you need to eat less fat.

Me: but, but but… but! but… but! butter sandwiches man!

Trainer: I know

Me: Turkey triple cheese for breakfast!

Trainer: Yes I am well aware

Me: Pasta bolognese and chocolate mousse for lunch!

Trainer: What a loss, right?

Me: Three fried eggs and chicken ham mortadella with cheese sandwiches for dinner!

Trainer: Oh wouldn’t anyone wanna eat that before bed!


Trainer: Am not! You need to control your fat to not make your belly larger!


And so with that, now I have to eat fat-free or fat-reduced stuff.

Oh, and:

Trainer: Your diet doesn’t include vegetables.

Me: Burgers have the veggies I need.

Trainer: We need the fibre, and fruits.

Me: Fruits?

Trainer: Yes fruits.

Me: What’s that?

Trainer: You’re an idiot.

Me: Dude! Tomato is a fruit, technically, and I eat it!

Trainer: You need to have fruits as well

Me: HEY!

Trainer: It’s time to get real

Me: No no YOU listen to me, you just want to torment me here!

Trainer: And you pay me for it, isn’t my job wonderful?!

So there you have it ladies and gents. Not only do I work in a basement for a boss who thinks February has 30 days, not only do I drive 4 hours a day to/from said basement, not only do I have eyelash infection – really, seriously, wth – and not only am I now girlfriendless, but now I also have to eat low fat food.


PS: for those of you who made fun of my Moogwich (moryarti, Qwaider, Qabbani) you’re all signed up for a world of hell from me :P You stupid fat people.