Quote of the Year & More Ways to Help Gaza

Quote of the year nomination goes to Shimon Peres:

We are not in the business of public relations or improving our image. We are fighting against terror…

So let me get this straight: bombing a school/UN-shelter is now considered fighting against terror? It’s clearly obvious they’re not improving their image but will they be able to handle the consequences? However the Quote of the Year award goes to Tzipi Livni:

Is there a humanitarian crisis? There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Of course she can’t comprehend what a humanitarian crisis is as she is barely ISO-certified as an organic life-form.

I am not going to brood over the matter, but you can go to Qwaider’s blog for more opinions on the general subject.

The Universal Street amaze me at their commitment to help the cause. As demonstrated in NY (read about it in Batoul’s blog).




Another venue of relief opened in Dubai as 50 pharmacies now have medicine-for-Gaza packages. You can read more about them in moryarti’s blog. However you can take the list and buy it at your local pharmacy outside the UAE and donate it. Don’t forget the babies – pick up baby formulas!

There is also another rally in Dubai Mamzar Park this Friday at 4 PM. Mamzar Rally Event.

UPDATE: For anyone who can donate some time, UAE Aramex needs help in their warehouse sorting out all the donations. They are located near Dragonmart area and need as much help as possible. They are working from 9am – 12 midnight, so please go any time until Jan 11/12. Map of Dragon Mart