My Peter is Sick!

I think I am going to be an amazing dad!

Peter is usually out of his little and modest hut roughly 4 days in a week (though I do put him back temporarily for feeding and soaking). But what slipped my mind is that our house is a bit cold in winter and the poor chap has nothing but his organic shell to protect him (trivia: did you know that the shell is actually alive? It’s not just a plate!)

When I picked him up yesterday, his nose was bubbling with mucus! The poor thing was cold as ice. I took a napkin and wiped his nose and placed him under the heat lamp. He started sneezing – which is actually a pretty funny sight. When Peter sneezing he makes a small “hapissss” sound and all his limbs and head go inside the shell from the force LOL! Then he goes back out again for an encore hehehehe.

For the first time ever, he finally let me feed him myself. I took a piece of cucumber, put a tiny bit of mint (which he didn’t like so I removed it) and fed him. He seemed so happy! LOL. I have done lots of research on tortoises (mine is the Mediterranean one) so I have a strict diet for him and he takes his vitamins and calcium, but I still haven’t gotten the UV lamp. I probably should put him out for a walk on the sunny balcony when it gets a bit warmer.

I decided not to give him a warm bath because it was particularly cold yesterday and I didn’t think the heat lamp would be sufficient to warm him when he is soaked.

It’s funny how I refer to Peter as a he when in fact Peter is a she.


You should see how he wipes his face with his little claws loool! And how he removes the mucus when I am not around my dipping his head in the water and blowing hahahahahha.

I need a marridge :(

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