Happy Holidays! + Dec TTL Launched

Alright folks, am off to Damascus for the next week. Finally I will get to hugglez some family members! And eat normal food! And actually eat that green salad stuff and those hideous fruits (vs vitamin pills)

Did anyone in Dubai get paid for last month? I didn’t! Am in such a good mood though I will bitch to the company when I get back. They better pay up before then! “Issues with transfer” my ass.

Anyhoo, December TTL launched so you can go have a peek.

See ya in a week!

Wow that rhymes. Am a poet!

You know the other day I wrote this amazing piece of art and I know I put it somewhere but then the oven had some food and the sauce was drying and I had to turn off the heater because I was doing the laundry but thankfully my car was parked close so I didn’t have to walk a lot.

I should stop smoking.