Wake Up

It’s a shame to be human beings. I, for one, am ashamed of being human on so many levels.

Heck, even animals are much better and more compassionate than we are.

Tomorrow people across the world will be partying and celebrating New Year, watching fireworks and competing against other countries/cities on the best fireworks display.

I myself won’t be attending the fireworks. There really is nothing to celebrate. If this is what the “New Year” brings, what’s to celebrate?

Yes, “life goes on”, but sometimes you need to pause to take a look. In a moving train you barely see the scenery. However, if in the background there is a tree lit up in flames, you’d pause, concentrate and take a good look. And you can do that while the train is still moving.

So far, presidents of the countries that constitute this corrupt world are phone calling each other to end this war. I can only assume a typical phone call goes like this:

President A: OMG! Did you see the news?!

President B: Yeah! Well my secretary told me then I had to watch it when President C called.

President A: We must do something!

President B: Indeed! Let’s make a statement of condemnation.

President A: Perfect! How about a summit?

President B: Great idea, we can group-condemn and the world can see we are as upset as they are.

But here’s the truth. These presidents are not protected by the fight-for-freedom-banner-carrying US. Israel is, and with the US just nodding, everything is suddenly humanitarian. Hamas are the enemy. Palestinians are the enemy. Kids eventually grow up to fight, so they’re the enemy too.

It’s of course, humanitarian. I mean, God forbid, a person in Gaza – cut off from the whole world – might fire a cylinder to hit the pavement and disturb people having a spa in Tel Aviv. “Oh Uhed, these kids make too much noise in the neighborhood”… “yes dear… guys, wipe them out”.

Those who yell and shout against Israel’s massacres are accused of hostility against Israel and antisemitism.

Come on guys, really, are you that stupid? Israel has a record of being chronically retarded in terms of anything humanitarian, claiming the land is “rightfully” theirs. They claim to have been “before Arabs” for thousands of years. Yet it took them till 1948 to decide to “settle” into someone else’s garden.

Israel is one ugly duckling that would grow into anything but a swan. It’s laughable, really, if you look at it from an alien’s perspective – how a group of people occupying a small piece of land on the whole planet is running the Global Show and everyone is an audience.

“But what CAN you do, really?” is a question that has always been asked. And no one – honestly – knows how to answer, including myself. We all have the rage, we all have the passion, and we’re all pissed off.

We have been conditioned by our governments – puppets in the Global Show – to not have any reaction. Any riot from us would put our countries in an “embarrassing” spot. Though if you look at it, EVERYONE across the world rallying against this creulty shows everyone else a clear message on what the good majority of people want.

And democracy goes with the majority, right? Or are the voters selected?

There can’t be two states. There is only one state, which is Palestine, with Jerusalem its capital. We won’t stop Jews from their religion or a pilgrimage. We’ve allowed that for years across history. Jerusalem’s Quarters were not named randomly.

If you insist on having Israel as a state, then why doesn’t Big Cousin Bush donate a state to Israel? How about Alaska? We shouldn’t second-guess Israel anyway, right?

“The Land of the Free” isn’t the US – it’s Gaza. Even with their isolation from the rest of the world, the massacres, the oppression, Gazans are, without a doubt, the most powerful people on Earth.

That’s what freedom is.

You can visit Ali’s blog and moryarti’s to check on how to symbolically help in the US and Dubai, respectively.

Noura’s Eid Post

I want to dedicate this post to Noura. At first I did not want to write “yet another Eid post”, but we all love and support Noura and let’s face it, long distance sucks! So below is a long and detailed account of everything I ate during my stay in Damascus.


I went to Damascus with really one thing in mind: to eat. I missed food. I didn’t care wether or not the food was healthy. It is home made food, with love from my grandma and mom. Except for shawerma of course, but it’s shawermaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

My grandma 7ayati spends most of the day cooking one meal. She goes into the kitchen at around 10 AM and we don’t get to it till 4:30 PM. But trust me when I say it’s the best dish you’d eat in your life! So for the first day I was treated to “shei5 el me7shi” (شيخ المحشي) which I was told was called “ma5shi” (مخشي) by Palestinians (correct me if I am wrong). For dinner we had whatever was in the house – cheese, eggs, shankleesh, and whatever smells weird and has been in the cupboard since last year.

The next day we were invited for breakfast at mom’s friend’s house. Too bad I was fasting because I missed out on “fatteh”. If you know me, this is without a doubt the most sacred meal to me. So not eating fatteh would hopefully be accepted as a sacrifice. But of course, if it were only fatteh. No no. They had to have everything that makes you fart for ages – fool mdammas, fool blaban, makdoos, some weird thing I tried to avoid and could swear was moving, and of course tabbouleh, fattoush o debes and that horrible creation called mtabbal.


But I didn’t eat any of that. I busied myself by taking photos of the food.

Then I told mom to replicate that breakfast for iftar. I couldn’t say which tasted better since I didn’t have a reference, but eating fatteh (which I only eat in Damascus) made me a very happy man.

The next day my dad decided we would eat breakfast outside, much to my resentment. So that meal was totally forgettable and I do not wish to discuss it further. As an apology, my dad took me and sis to the Old City, where I usually spend my time in summers anyway.


I love the Old City. It’s simply a brilliant spot of land. You could literally hear the walls and cobblestones talking to you. Though it was a bit quiet with most stores closed for Eid, بياعين الفستق remained open and I was obliged to take samples until I decided on the best, and I let my sister handle the price negotiations. No one says no to nice sweet girls, and ياما تحت السواهي دواهي (if this is the last post you read from me, I love you all).

At night we walked arround the Qassa3 area, one of the most beautiful spots in Damascus and a festive place. As a Christian community, everyone decorates their homes – interior and exterior – with a wonderful display of lights to celebrate Christmas and New Year. When I was there only a few were up, but I am sure by now everyone there is in FalalalalaLand.


Then I had to invite Qabbani, who was in town, for breakfast. Actually he invited himself but then I invited him after his invitations to feel that I have a word in this LOL! So he came over and he had to eat from MY fatteh el 7aywan, bas mashi bmoon. So for revenge I had mom force him to eat lots of ma3mool and weird Arabic sweets which names I cannot be bothered to remember. They all taste the same to me – mushy sugar and nuts down my esophagus.


Then came the big meal.


وما ادراك ما الكبة 

There is absolutely nothing more wonderful than have the whole family eating kibbeh next to the صوبية. And a pot of tea slowly being brewed on it and socks  hanging around so they can dry before we wear them to bed.

But it wasn’t tea, it seemed. It was ميرامية. I craved some مته right then but I’m the only one in the family with that acquired taste. So since mom doesn’t approve, it stays out. *sniffles*

I stuffed my suitcase with whatever food I could carry – roughly 6 kilos of food. I consumed half of them within a couple of days in Dubai and saved the rest for a rainy day.


Back *sniffles*

Came back from Damascus… it was awesome :)

I’m just exhausted right now – will post photos later on my photo blog. Sorry I won’t be catching up with your posts; there’s just too many of them! You guys are on a roll!

I hereby forbid you to post more than twice a week!

Anyhow I just finished mopping, I need to shave, shower and go get Peter!


PS: Anyone using wordpress 2.7 and not getting the sidebar with the links? It’s good I have the URLs memorized (geek) but it would be nice to have a working wordpress!

Happy Holidays! + Dec TTL Launched

Alright folks, am off to Damascus for the next week. Finally I will get to hugglez some family members! And eat normal food! And actually eat that green salad stuff and those hideous fruits (vs vitamin pills)

Did anyone in Dubai get paid for last month? I didn’t! Am in such a good mood though I will bitch to the company when I get back. They better pay up before then! “Issues with transfer” my ass.

Anyhoo, December TTL launched so you can go have a peek.

See ya in a week!

Wow that rhymes. Am a poet!

You know the other day I wrote this amazing piece of art and I know I put it somewhere but then the oven had some food and the sauce was drying and I had to turn off the heater because I was doing the laundry but thankfully my car was parked close so I didn’t have to walk a lot.

I should stop smoking.