KJ Goes Tactical Espionage Action

Ever thought while watching a movie “what if I were there” or when playing a game “what if this thing happened?”

Well it did! Here’s the story.

Thursday night I was going out to pick up my friends and I stopped on the way over a bridge to take a photo of the traffic below. You know, for the upcoming TTL (which might be slightly delayed). I went down from my car and realized that I forgot the batteries at home. I got back into the car and drove off.

Little did I know that my wallet had dropped on the road right there and then.

I noticed the missing item within minutes as my internal clock triggered an OCD-checkup on all items in the car to ensure they’re all in their designated compartments. I went back to the site and searched to no avail. I went OCD on my car; nothing. I called up the bank to block my account and I went to the police station to file a report for my driving license and my missing wallet.

Sunday, 12:23 AM, I get a phone call from a local number. A guy who can barely speak English and no other language communicated to me that he has my wallet and I have to meet him. He decided to meet me in the mall parking lot (2 minutes from my place).

I went to the mall (which I knew is still open) and didn’t find anyone who looked like he was waiting for me. I called back, he didn’t pick up. After half an hour (and the mall closed) I went back home.

Then he called again, and told me he is leaving and will be there in 20 minutes.

My videogame-based mind started its permuations through my “history logs” and I picked up a possible threat. Empty parking lot behind the mall at 1:30 past midnight? It has GTA written all over it.

I called the cops, gave them the numbers I got contacted from and they told me they’d send some patrol to my area.

Meanwhile, I utilized the 20 minutes and made a tour around the mall to check all possible places where I can escape from (or get attacked from) if I am in or out of the car. I saw the police patrol and we discussed my concern. They had a list of gangs/criminals they’re looking for whom they suspect “do their business” in this area. They decided to conceal themselves.

mall with parking

I waited in the car, rolled down the windows only enough for me to get some fresh air, locked the doors, put the handbrakes down and gear on D for an easy escape when needed.

Three men approached. I made a quick scan of the surroundings for more people. There were some labormen. I tried not to be paranoid, but I remained cautious – ie not to escape through that route. I used EagleVision to check questionable portrudings in their pockets (weapons) and made sure their hands were always facing front.

The guy started talking to me, asking questions about the contents of the wallet. Fine, I thought. All is good. Their country of origin though is politically questionable.

He took out my wallet to hand it over. ie, I had to roll down my window. That was the cue for the cops.

Within seconds, they came out and grinded to a halt next to me. One of the guys was in total shock, one remained calm and the third rushed to the police vehicle. The cop talked to him while the second cop kept an eye on the other two. What upset me was that the police car blocked my escape route.

While I was mad at myself for not having put the police car into my escape formula (and mentally trying to load the “Load Saved Game” menu to redo the whole thing), the cops sorted out their business and I was given my wallet back, all items and money intact.

I went back home, thanked the people, and reminded myself that there are still some honest folks out there. Still, I will have my license replaced. You know, just in case I was wrong :D

ZOMG am turning into Qwaider LOL!