No Time Management? Memory Loss? Yup…

Unlike my usual OCD self, time management has hit an all time low recently – recently as in the past 6 months. I’m trying very hard not to classify myself as having any disorder but till now I could safetly fit into 3 profiles in DSM-IV.

Fitting more hours into the day (hence less sleep) elevated some pending issues since I had “more time” for them. However the lack of sleep takes a toll – my capacity is 7 hours and I am sleeping significantly less. My brain hasn’t tuned itself and I end up getting nap attacks while driving. Given my body temperature (as Qabbani would confirm) and other things, my self-analysis conclude that I have Serotonin imblanace.

I also have been (for more than sox months) forgetting many trivial things. Things like buying groceries – and if I do remember, I would forget them in the car. I’d forget to charge my cell, I’d forget to pass by this store on the way back, I’d forget to do this and that, check on an issue or two, etc. Interestingly I tend to recall everything I need to do the first hour I wake up. After that it all disappears.

It took me 2 months to remember to visit the police website to check for fines, for instance. Although I remember it daily while driving to work!

I can rant on with examples forever, but for now the only thing I can do is force myself to finish stuff (and being forced to read/finish a book/game is not relaxing/entertaining) and try to make a schedule of activities… if I have the time to do it!