Migraine >_<

Migraine, 3rd day.

Work @ office, downhill… hard to concentrate… damn UNIX, damn HP, damn wading through log files.

Traffic, traffic, traffic… I dunno how anyone gets anything done in this city… unless you live next to your office and everything you would ever need (including your business contacts) are within 5 km.

Was going to attend Leena Chamamyan tonight but my brain is throbbing I might not go.

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! *puts everything on silent*

Anyone has a medicine for migrane?! Apparently Braufen 600 just makes me hungry and thirsty.

Photo Blog Relaunched!

Yeesh! That was long!

Talk about horrible time management!

A year ago I launched my photoblog on blogger. It got some nice attention but now that I have moved to my own domain, it’s time for an upgrade. I finally finished fixing the photoblog to “acceptable and tolerable” levels (ie ready for human consumption). It still needs work but for now I can safetely launch it :D


(and compare it to the old blog if you wish)

I added a few new photos (that you have already seen anyway) but will be adding more. You can also find album collections if you wish (which will be updated frequently).

I am cooking a new project for the photo blog which I will launch soon (hopefully by 1st November)… but don’t worry I will announce the launch here too ;)

Will keep you posted!

Parents, Take Care of your Kids!

Parents parents parents!


I beg you to stop for a moment and think of what the F you are doing!

For the past few months I have been seeing the most horrid things done by parents to their kids (babies and toddlers). I swear if there were social services here witnessing such scenes they’d have the whole family not only deported but permanently exported out of this planet.

Case A: I live in cozy neighborhood that has a notrious reputation for heavy traffic at certain hours. There is a roundabout in the middle of the road. One day my friend picked me up and we were doing a “u-turn” on the roundabout when a stupid father (who was on the phone) was pushing the baby stroller/pram/buggy thing ON THE STREET against traffic! And was attempting to CROSS the damn roundabout PUSHING THE BABY FIRST (while still talking on the phone). My friend (who was driving) went around the roundabout again and we waved for the cars to stop so the imbecile can cross… and his hand DIDN’T LEAVE THE EFFING PHONE!

Case B: I was with my sister and a friend of ours waiting outside Chilis for our table to be cleaned up. There was a woman sitting with a stroller and a baby inside. Upon inspection it was pretty obvious that the baby isn’t hers… and that she is a caretaker (who wasn’t paying attention to the stroller by the way but was doing other stuff). Where are the parents? They were both inside, eating. There are many things wrong in this scenario, on many different levels!

Case C: In the mall I was going up an escalator when, on the other side (escalator going down) I see a dad trying to be funny, who has the stroller on the escalator (which is a felony in itself) and is tilting it up and down so that the baby could “see” his death (and making scary noises). The kid was just too bewildered to scream!

I could go on forever… like people who are feeding a pizza to a toddler, like parents who bring their babies to an effing shisha place (enclosed, not open), like people who take their babies to a rock concert (hellooooooooo eardrums!) and the list goes on…

So if you have a baby, take a minute and reconsider how the heck you’re treating him/her!

No Time Management? Memory Loss? Yup…

Unlike my usual OCD self, time management has hit an all time low recently – recently as in the past 6 months. I’m trying very hard not to classify myself as having any disorder but till now I could safetly fit into 3 profiles in DSM-IV.

Fitting more hours into the day (hence less sleep) elevated some pending issues since I had “more time” for them. However the lack of sleep takes a toll – my capacity is 7 hours and I am sleeping significantly less. My brain hasn’t tuned itself and I end up getting nap attacks while driving. Given my body temperature (as Qabbani would confirm) and other things, my self-analysis conclude that I have Serotonin imblanace.

I also have been (for more than sox months) forgetting many trivial things. Things like buying groceries – and if I do remember, I would forget them in the car. I’d forget to charge my cell, I’d forget to pass by this store on the way back, I’d forget to do this and that, check on an issue or two, etc. Interestingly I tend to recall everything I need to do the first hour I wake up. After that it all disappears.

It took me 2 months to remember to visit the police website to check for fines, for instance. Although I remember it daily while driving to work!

I can rant on with examples forever, but for now the only thing I can do is force myself to finish stuff (and being forced to read/finish a book/game is not relaxing/entertaining) and try to make a schedule of activities… if I have the time to do it!