Roll the Red Carpets! KJ COMING TO JORDAN!

Yes you read that right.

Did it sink in? No? Ok.

Hamza has been bugging me endlessly to go with him to Amman so we could go to Petra and Wadi Rum (which I like to call Wadi Num) and the Dead Sea and whathaveyou.

Now the reason I want to go to Amman is to eat from Kollaj 3omar and to pick on Maher.

Only yesterday I got the confirmation for my holiday (seriously do I have to beg people for my rights!) and booked during the meeting LOL!

I will be inshalla in Amman between September 26 to October 3rd. Yup that’s a week of KJ/Moogle in all their glories! So all you bloggerlings should organize a meeting or something. Settle your differences before I come :P I’m not coming to babsit :P

I of course expect a plush red carpet, preferably Iranian, and at the end of it a plate of fatteh :P

No mansaf. I eat it with a spoon so save yourself the embarassment!

And I will keep smiling in the airport :D tourist :D LOL :D


Oh as a side note, I got the Speedlite as a gift :D w00t!