My Genitals Are Glowing!

What a great title to start Ramadan :D

Yes ladies and gents. My genitals are glowing.

See, I had “corrective eye surgery” on Thursday morning (and oddly I had the atrocity to attend an engagement on Friday and I was the photographer).

But one of the lovely temporary side effects is that everything is glowing or has a halo.

So I looked down and I was very proud of myself. I feel divine already. LOOOOOOL!

In any case the operation was successful el7amdella…. I was on Valium (LOL!) and they stapled my eyelids and put a suction cup on my eye so I don’t move it.. If you know me you’d know I cry like a girl if I see anything coming close to my eyeball.

So there was this ethereal red light (then green) and it did something in circles and all this time I was discussing with the doctor if I can have my iris recolored or my lens be reshaped into the Batman symbol.

He said no.

The worst was the “cleanup”. I will spare you the details but let’s just say my eyes have been molested haha.

During the engagement there was this ajdab with the camcorder and he had like an 800 Ziggawatt light attached on top enough to light up the entire Middle East. And he kept following me as if he’s doing me a favor by lighting up my subjects for photographs.

Then I gave him my Evil Red Eye Look and the problem was solved.

Now am back to work and I frightened 12 people already with my red eye. And one kid in the elevator at home.

The worst thing about it though is that my boss is glowing. It ain’t right!