The Sighting of the Moon?

Finally for once the whole Muslim world agreed that Ramadan starts September 1st (edit, Silent Reader pointed out Libya and Iran started differently).

Now I get an email stating that Eid will be “dependant on the sighting of the moon”.

My question is: WHY?!

Science has come a long way now and we can predict weather (which fall under Chaos Theory) so definitely we can predict something as systematic as the lunar cycle.

It pisses me off when for instance, Saudi Arabia says they saw the moon, so Ramadan starts, and Syria says they didn’t see anything and they delay Ramadan by one day. I thought the moon is a universal phenomena and won’t really change much if you go vertically up just a little in lattitude. If it appears in one place, it should appear pretty much everywhere in the region (poles excluded but will come to that later).

Which brings me to the point of Qadr. I am fine with not having the exact date revealed and that it is most likely 27. Now, aside from the fact that some people say “the night changes every year” *rolls eyes… I mean if the Quran was revealed on 27 then it is 27 on all Ramadans not 27 in one and 23 in another*… when we have different countries starting with different dates then which country is actually “correct” about the night (let us assume it is 27)?

A sheikh in one khutba said “but this is one of the great miracles!”. I am not going to that mosque again.

Now let’s assume I’m following the traditional way and I am living in Antarctica. I get 6 months plus worth of total darkness and a couple of months of total sunshie. Strictly speaking, then, a lunar month is 29-30 years there.

What if the moon flew off orbit or it exploded? Will Islam be doomed? Will we then resort to the scientific, calculated dates? We’re doing it for PRAYERS… I mean God forbid they said Iftar is at 6:23 and it is actually 6:24!

I can understand when 1400 years ago the sighting of the moon was the best if not only indication for the new lunar month. But now in 2008 things are different. Islam told us to embrace science, to seek it and make use of it. Why aren’t we? They’re predicting the exact timing of a prayer can’t they predict what stage the moon is in?!

Eid Mubarak :D I will be freezing in Jordan (it is 27C-31C at night here and 3C-7C at night there) starting from tomorrow LOL!

PS: You don’t need to call me a lying blaspheming infidel. Am a believer and like everyone else I just have questions and seek answers.


Genetically Reversed XD

Yes I lost weight again.


When Hamza came in April I was a zombie (as you’ve all seen). Since then I’ve been exercising and eating properly (all natural food) and I gained 9.5 kilos w00t!

But before my Lasik in a week I stopped exercising and until now I haven’t exercised… and I lost 2.5 kilos even though I have Iftar + dinner + su7oor.

So it looks like my body is Genetically Reversed – if I exercise, I gain weight, if I don’t, I lose weight!

Something wrong happened here… my parents should have read the Arabic or English manual. Damn foreign hotels!

So ultimately I share the main problem all humans do – we have to move our butts to reach our target weights LOL!

See… the world is fair :P

Roll the Red Carpets! KJ COMING TO JORDAN!

Yes you read that right.

Did it sink in? No? Ok.

Hamza has been bugging me endlessly to go with him to Amman so we could go to Petra and Wadi Rum (which I like to call Wadi Num) and the Dead Sea and whathaveyou.

Now the reason I want to go to Amman is to eat from Kollaj 3omar and to pick on Maher.

Only yesterday I got the confirmation for my holiday (seriously do I have to beg people for my rights!) and booked during the meeting LOL!

I will be inshalla in Amman between September 26 to October 3rd. Yup that’s a week of KJ/Moogle in all their glories! So all you bloggerlings should organize a meeting or something. Settle your differences before I come :P I’m not coming to babsit :P

I of course expect a plush red carpet, preferably Iranian, and at the end of it a plate of fatteh :P

No mansaf. I eat it with a spoon so save yourself the embarassment!

And I will keep smiling in the airport :D tourist :D LOL :D


Oh as a side note, I got the Speedlite as a gift :D w00t!

My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is next Saturday (September 13th), and to give you an example of how expensive it is to be my friend, here is my wishlist, Mont Blanc pens aside… (titles are links for the colorblind)

UPDATE: the Nokia E66 has been removed from my wishlist! My sincerest apologies to Lord Sony Ericsson… it was a moment of weakness… I repent now!

Logitech diNovo Edge

It is a geek musthave and I demand I get my share of silent keyboard strokes – so that I don’t disturb my constantly hibernating sister while I blog

Canon 40D

While of course I have the wonderful Canon 400D, the 40D is the next step up the camera ladder. After mastering shots with a 2 MP camera and a 3.2 MP camera (see below), I moved up to the DSLR universe and now I cannot get enough of it!

shot with 2MP

shot with 3.2MP

shot with Canon 400D

Canon Speedlite 430EX

It is cheaper than the heavy duty 580EX and half as expensive. Any person who is into serious photography should have an external flash!

ATI Radeon HD 4870 (or the 3000 series)

I cannot be called a hard core gamer anymore if I don’t have the latest technology to play my games! I demand an upgrade now!

Sony Ericsson X1

Now of course so I don’t sound like a traitor, I have been having my eye on the SE X1 (yes that spells SEX). It is quite a SEXy1 (har har) and the only thing keeping me from getting it is that it isn’t out in the Middle East yet!

A Life

They’re not in grocery stores but I would appreciate it if people would help me get a life! After discovering the blog Dubai Daily Photos I knew I have to get out more often!


This is the ultimate gift. I have been craving this since grandma last made it last year. It has to be made with samneh balady and someone who has a great nafas in making food… so far all the fattahs I ate here are average-joes and I think that Qabbani promised me a dish when we meet up next.

Another World

The sea whispered a tide longing for a melody. He acknowledged, but he, too, longed for a melody – that of silence. There was no wind, no gulls, no swaying grass. His breathing and the sea’s whispers were what filled the air.

I have not written in so long.. why I do not know. Is it because I have nothing to write about? On the contrary. There are so many emotions and feelings I would like to put on paper. Random thoughts that taunt me in my sleeping hours. To me in dreams they come, and in dreams they stay. I could not take them to paper anymore…

His dog heard neither the waves nor the breathing. Rather, he cared not for those – there were other sounds and noises that distracted him. An army of crickets were bickering about who would eat what was left of the grass -

But there is no grass!

- and they fidgeted about and made him dizzy. The dog looked the other way. He could hear some “quietness” from the other side. He wished to be there, away from the crickets. His owner was too busy though and he knew better not to bark right then. All he could do is lie low and hope the crickets would eat the damn grass already.

Dreams dreams dreams. Everyone dreams, but we do not all remember our dreams, and those who do, we do not remember all of them. Often when I’m stressed my dreams turn into nightmares and often I could not distinguish them from reality. I often feel someone is choking me and I wake up barely able to breathe. I wonder if I died in my dream what would happen..

The man sighed. He knew the sea would not give up and that he would not find his peace. He was an impatient man – if he had waited for some time, the tides would calm down. But that was uncertain. At any moment a wind might come unsuspecting and shake the sea and the earth. The weather is as random as what the future holds. He knew that the only way he could find peace is by giving the sea its peace.

Perhaps I’m too hard on myself. I think a lot of many things. They all jumble into big blobs of incomprehensible stupidity and drive me insane at night. I especially hate it when there is also a song that loops indefinitely for days. It is like I have my own personal music video every night.

The crickets seem to have decided that there is no enough grass to feed everyone and that whoever eats what is left of it, would get eaten by the other crickets. After lots of deliberation, they unanimously voted to go to another location where there is enough grass for everyone. Whoever did not unanimously vote will be left behind to eat said grass and be eaten by passing animals and birds. This is what the dog rationalized anyway since he could not find any other excuse for them to suddenly be quiet, pick up and leave. Or maybe, he thought, he was putting too much thought into it. Crickets don’t deliberate! But his owner isn’t moving anytime soon so he kept contemplating this idea and coming up with others.

And to think that sometimes there is no one but me and the sea. I could visibly see other cars dotting the shore. Some of them couples making out, others having some food, others dancing. I’m sure though there is an idiot or two, like me, sitting here in the car and watching the sea roll its waves on the shore. Are they drinking beer too? I love beer. Too bad it burns my throat. And now some muftis are saying non alcoholic beer has alcohol. Some people are just too bitter.

The man took out his violin. He never memorized any piece of music to play. Rather, he always played what he was feeling right then and there. He wasn’t a composer but in his mind he knew if he had written down the notes, he would make millions out of his music. But each piece is spontaneous and he could never play the same tune twice. It was a blessing and a curse. But he didn’t dwell too much on the idea – but while he did, it was translated into music. And he attained his closure.

I like it how we distract ourselves with some things to ignore other things. I mean what is the point of all this writing really? I couldn’t write anymore. I have not written in ages. And to think I actually have some published work! The irony of things. This is the best time to write and I am not taking my chances.

The dog was happy the crickets finally left. As soon as he put his head to sleep, his owner started playing the violin. Did he honestly have to? Sigh… it is fine, he thought. Let him play. At least now he knows it is a matter of time before the tune is over and they leave. So he ignored the tune and started to listen to something more peaceful. The sound of the sea and the light wind. The sea is such a relaxing place from up here on the hill. Probably if his owner would take him down he could play. But for now he has to make do with some relaxation. Probably it is best to rest. There are probably crickets down there.