chocolate philosophy // kinan jarjous

Chocolate Philosophy

A passing child looked upon my sombre eyes. She was so young, too young for anything to distress or vex her.

“Mr. Are you alright?” she said. She held her candy in her right hand. Her left hand was scratching the back of her hair. Her deep blue eyes spoke only of happiness.

“I will be fine,” I said to her, smiling. “Where did you buy your candy?”

“My brother gave it to me,” she said, smiling. “We had a fight.”

“I understand,” I said. I wish more people did.

“Did your brother not give you chocolate mister? Is that why you are not happy?” she asked.

“He…” I paused. “No I did not get it yet.”

“Why Mr.? Does chocolate taste bad to you?”

“No… no it does not. It tastes very good indeed. But, my brother could not afford it.”

“Does he need some money Mr.?”

“It needs more than money,” I told her. It was a delight talking to her.

“You can have a piece of mine sir.” She broke off a little piece of her chocolate bar and gave it to me. “Now you should say thank you.”

“Thank you,” I said with a laugh. She smiled as she bit her chocolate bar.

“Now you can give your brother a little piece too,” she said, and she turned her back to run towards the other children who were playing in a close distance.

“It needs more than money”